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Home Is Where Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by jciswhatis, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. jciswhatis

    Ugh, I hate America.

    i became birds, by Home Is Where

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    home is where is

    josiah gardella - drums
    trace george - guitar
    brandon macdonald - tantrum, harmonica, singing saw
    connor "fat slaps" o'brien - bass

    you are all my best friend,
    you always have been.
    home is where forever

    With I Became Birds, Florida’s Home Is Where push their unique blend of whirlwind hardcore aggression and warm, open-hearted folksy melancholy to even further heights. Frontperson Brandon MacDonald’s Dylan-esque eccentricities are on full display here, from the occasional blast of harmonica (like on early standout “Long Distance Conjoined Twins” or the disaffected, despondency-soaked closer “The Old Country”) to their knack for abstractly evocative neurosis-as-poetry. But far from being a copycat act, Home Is Where’s wearily raw-throated aesthetic and dynamically vivid compositions feel idiosyncratic and vital. The bittersweet folk melodies seep deeply into the band’s DNA, adding an element of accessibility and immediate nostalgia to otherwise churning and angular song structures and sonic assaults. Vocals range from an intimate, gentle, and disarming croon to a full-bodied expectoration of the soul, oftentimes in the same song (like “Sewn Together from the Membrane of the Great Sea Cucumber,” which splits the difference between mournful, gothic post-punk and staccato-heeled screamo with aplomb). A devastating rhythm section and nimble, versatile, yet powerful guitar work assist with the record’s genre-bending, which ranges from maniacal chemical mixtures to gymnastic flips, twists, and turns. And yet, even amid the din, Home Is Where find ample time for hooks-- the oddball effervescence of lead single “Scientific Classification of Stingrays” and the shimmering, propulsive, delightfully off-kilter late-album stunner “Assisted Harakiri” are more than proof of that. Ultimately, I Became Birds shows Home Is Where hitting an early high-water mark. A brisk record-- six songs in roughly 17 minutes-- it never takes a dip in enthusiasm and inventiveness. Home Is Where’s inexhaustible creativity and restless energy is bound to serve them well, and I Became Birds is all the proof anyone needs.
  2. jciswhatis

    Ugh, I hate America.

    Anyway, this is and the Joe Vann album are my favorite things I've heard so far this year.
  3. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Good stuff
  4. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    their last ep is worth a listen too

    its a bit more on the weirdo folk side of the spectrum than the skramzier stuff on the new ep
  5. VanMastaIteHab

    Trusted Prestigious

    Extremely my shit
  6. 30 seconds in and this is already so Florida
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  7. ok wow "Assisted Harakiri"
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  8. VanMastaIteHab

    Trusted Prestigious

    I keep trying to listen to new tigers jaw but keep throwing this on again instead lol
  9. OotyPa

    fall away

    This is excellent. Leagues ahead of the new "same ol, same ol" from Tigers Jaw.
  10. 5Stories


    Love this so much, great shit
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  11. 5Stories


    Getting real Neutral Milk Hotel vibes from the vocals or just me?

    I love it
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  12. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    That seems to be popular opinion in the emo thread
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  13. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Excited to scope this
  14. VanMastaIteHab

    Trusted Prestigious

    Cops are flammable if you try
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  15. wisdomfordebris

    Trusted Prestigious

    As soon as the second song started, this was my thought
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  16. wisdomfordebris

    Trusted Prestigious

    Ok I’m never going to stop listening to this
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  17. 5Stories


    Trying to limit myself to 4 play throughs a day and no more
  18. Dan Quinlan


    this is so fucking good lol
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  19. Jim

    Trusted Supporter

    This fucking rips my goodness
  20. ItsAndrew


    Yes this is good
  21. Jakobindeed

    My Whole Life is Thunder Supporter

    Punching the roof of my car to Assisted Harikiri currently and yes this fucking rules
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  22. spookymulder

    This is pretty darn good
  23. ItsAndrew


    Just a heads up: (not that anyone did that here, but just posting as a general notice)

  24. Jim

    Trusted Supporter

    is there a vinyl for this?
  25. jciswhatis

    Ugh, I hate America.

    Sadly they have only released it on digital and cassette.