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  1. GEM37

    My friends all LACTATE sometimes...

    Ok, I realize I’m like 5 million years late to this, but I just listened to Coloring Book and holy shit is this music what I relate with this time of year!

    The tone, feeling, instrumentation of these tracks I Everything I wanna associate with the holiday season...

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  2. sonder

    eat my shorts, jabronis

    Nothing beats Vince Guaraldi holiday music for me tbh.
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  3. zmtr

    unsteady as the water

    This is great

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  4. KidLightning

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  7. The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block

    They rereleased last year’s Gwen Stefani Christmas album with some extra songs It’s really good. Great mix of classics and original songs and great production.
  8. gbuffers


    I remember the holiday music threads used to be huge but had died off somewhat. I just thought I'd look out of curiosity and found out I have 963 'holiday songs' - mixture of classics and rock covers / originals.

    Can't beat them... but I can only listen to them 1 month a year!
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    I'm up over 1600, it's out of control lol
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  11. bradsonemanband

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    Some Chorus members put together a Christmas compilation that came out today.

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