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  1. Disagree with that. I think they're second-rate pop-punk choruses that aren't even close to the best of the genre. I think I could name a hundred pop-punk songs with better choruses before I'd even get to HTL to be honest.

    No I don't. I actively choose not to. I post consistently about two: Less Than Jake, and Senses Fail ... just because I've written and posted about them for a decade. Any other is by accident because I didn't see/forgot they're on Pure Noise. (I also definitely pick and choose what bands from every label I post about.)
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    In the past few months there's been posts about Can't Swim, Four Year Strong, Gates, Gnarwolves, Hit The Lights, Jule Vera, LTJ, Masked Intruder, Senses Fail, State Champs, Stick To Your Guns, Terror, The Story So Far, Vanna. All PNR bands. If you're actively trying not to post about PNR bands, you're not doing a very good job.
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  3. I didn't know most of these bands were on Purse Noise. I'll make sure to not post about them in the future, thanks.
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    I feel like this thread pretty much encapsulates every single thing I hated about reading the front page of AP.net

    Also, fuck, I love Gates. Why'd you have to draw attention to that!!
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    Yeah, this was a nice little throwback thread to AP.net haha
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    Things have changed.

    This was Sam Hollander's work before helping write SOME of the songs on the BLG album:

    2006: Arrested Development “Since The Last Time” (Edel/Pony Canyon) (co-write/produce)
    2005: O.A.R. “Lay Down” (Lava) (co-write)
    2004: Toothpick “Supersize Me” (co-write/produce) for the movie and soundtrack Supersize Me
    2003: Cooler Kids “All Around The World” (DreamWorks) (co-write/produce) The Lizzie McGuire Movie RIAA certified Platinum
    2002: Baha Men “Move It Like This” (S-Curve) (co-write) #16 UK Top 40
    2001: Static Revenger “Happy People” (Ministry of Sound) (co-write)
    2001: Carole King “Love Makes The World” (Koch) (co-write/produce)

    Yeah, definitely Top 40 material ...
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    I'm all for calling out misogyny but some of you guys seem to be pretty selective with which bands you want to target and how much you let it affect your view of that band. This site has worshipped bands like Bayside and Brand New who's early material also heavily features misogynistic themes. I too am a fan of these bands and a fan of HTL and I condemn it no matter what band does it but it seems like some users really let their bias get in the way. Hit the Lights aren't anything great but jesus christ, you people seriously think they're so bad that you would have to be a band member of HTL to be defending them on here? I've been posting on AP since I was a teenager, was I unknowingly a member of HTL this whole time or something? That's ridiculous to try to shame and ridicule other people for enjoying what they enjoy, especially with such a tame band as HTL.
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    bias is a major problem, i agree. double standards are problematic.
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    I'm sad if Gates gets posted about less. It sucks they're still on Pure Noise but they're not associated at all with the rest of the bands on the label
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    i was stunned when gates last album was even on pure noise
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    Summer Bones was quite good.
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    ok i'm going to go back on a few things i said in this thread

    i just looked at the track listing for skip school start fights and i remember every single chorus even though i haven't heard it in like 7 years
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    They write very catchy stuff. Hadn't listened to Skip School in awhile and checked it out yesterday and forgot how catchy that album is.
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    Say what you want about their lasting appeal or ranking in the genre but they definitely can write catchy songs.
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    Yeah, I just don't get the hate for this band. This song is mid-catalog for them though, didn't do anything for me.

    Invicta is amazing.
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    Yeah that album also shreds.
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    Asking legitimately and not sarcastically, what's happened with this label? They have a reaaaallllly bad reputation.
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