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HIP HOP CLASSICS: Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by PauLo, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. PauLo Jun 7, 2020
    (Last edited: Jun 7, 2020)

    43% Burnt

    In an effort to reach some new fans, to celebrate the beauty that is hip hop and to maybe even broaden a few horizons that seemed daunted by the many classics the genre has, a couple of us on the hip hop thread decided that every week we are going to take a classic album and discuss it and hopefully help it gain some more fans. And even if that doesn’t happen, we can just nerd out over our love of some hip hop classics!

    Each week, we’ll be selecting an album from the 80s, the 90s the following week and then the 00s after that and repeat.

    This week, we decided on this tour de force...


    With the important and vital black lives matter protests happening all over the world, this album seemed like an obvious starting point. Sound off below and let’s get this discussion started!

    @Henry to pin
  2. The Lucky Moose Jun 7, 2020
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    The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block Prestigious

    When I was a young teenager, I introduced a metal head who later became my best friend to Hip Hop by giving him Enter The 36 Chambers. He then quickly proceeded to become a Hip Hop fanatic in general and Public Enemy Stan in particular. One of my greatest achievements.

    Anyway, this whole album is hard, but how crazy is the one-two punch of Bring the Noise and Don't Believe The Hype?
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  3. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    this is my first time really listening to Public Enemy and it's just so funny to me that for the longest time I only knew Flavor Flav as that guy from Flavor of Love
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  4. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Excited to listen. I’ve actually never checked out PE. Glad we’re doing this like we discussed in the thread.
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  5. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Will do my listen tomorrow. Hype for this!
  6. I’ll listen to this tomorrow. Haven’t listened to it in YEARS.
  7. matthaber

    beautiful and chequered, the end

    LFG. stoked for this to start up
  8. This idea and thread rule
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  9. chris

    Trusted Supporter

    Hell ya, glad this is happening
  10. hermanthehermit

    Paris, Texas Climate Accord Supporter

    Excited for this, I’ve always meant to listen to Public Enemy.
  11. Here for this!
  12. imthesheriff

    Here I Am. So Glad You Are. Supporter

    Love this idea
  13. abcdefg123


    The first four Public Enemy albums were revolutionary. They fell off hard after that but the early albums are enough to consider them legendary.
  14. The Lucky Moose Jun 7, 2020
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    The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block Prestigious

    They made some good albums here and there after that. That one album they made with Paris, “Rebirth of a Nation”, was cool and that album they released for free a few years ago was nice too.

    Also this song from 2007 is the most underrated Public Enemy song:

  15. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Public Enemy were one of those groups that I knew and I knew/liked some of their songs, but I never listened to their albums. Probably due to my laziness and only knowing a little about hip hop history. But once I took my time to properly educate myself, Public Enemy were one of the first acts I properly seeked out and this album in particularly. I remember listening to it and thinking "well, I already know most of this" haha. It was easy to understand why its deemed a classic. Innovative production, important and sadly still relevant lyrics. Even Flav isn't annoying on it haha

    A superb album.
  16. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Also wanted to add that you shouldn't be afraid to say if you didn't like it. Just don't be like "this sucks lol" :-)
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  17. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    This is a really cool idea. I've been committing myself over the past couple weeks to listen to more hip hop and educate myself on the classics, so I'll be following along for sure.
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  18. Cody Prestigious

    not my favorite PE release but a classic for absolute sure. these guys are legends
  19. jdr2187


    Excited to give this album a listen for the first time in a while. This song was actually my introduction to PE.

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  20. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    I’ll listen on my walk later. I love this idea.
  21. Queued up and ready to go after my morning meeting.
  22. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    I’m researching them and daaaaang, they got a lot of material to go through.
  23. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    THPS2 definitely got me into Public Enemy
  24. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Flav kills it on Cold Lampin. It's been so long since I heard him rap, I almost forgot that he could do this
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  25. phaynes12

    playing in the band Prestigious

    hell yeah. in on this.