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    the biggest question i have is will the guy ever finish lincoln in the bardo
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    I love this show so deeply and will miss it every day until it returns.
  3. OotyPa


    Hitting my pen furiously before I click play on the season finale.
  4. chewbacca110

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    Last 2 episodes were so, so, so good.

    I agree with whoever said this show sticks in your gut and it's so unique. I live in Chicago but this show almost makes me wanna move to NYC because it romanticizes it so much. I am ready for summer bike rides.
  5. OotyPa


    This season was definitely the most poignant of the three. I love how it’s taken more of a dramatic tone and is unafraid of showcasing these underrepresented identities in the MOST bizarre situations. I also really like getting to know a little bit more about The Guy and his conflicting tendencies to connect with people, but to also isolate himself.
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