High Flying Bird (Steven Soderbergh, Netflix, February 8, 2019) Movie

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    I forgot about this and now it’s coming so soon. Very curious. Unsane was among his best imo.
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    I thought Unsane was easily the worst film of last year, so it’s hard for me to care about another Soderbergh iPhone film even if the story and talent involved sounds great.
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    I have a lot of time for Soderbergh dunking on Nolan.
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    Completely forgot that we are getting this tomorrow
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    finally caught up with Unsane a few nights ago, really dug it.

    Super excited for this one. Love Soderbergh in general, but a movie focused on an NBA agent played by André Holland?

    Too good to be true tbh
  10. Yeah this was great.
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    I know pretty much nothing about the content in this film, so it took m some time to orient myself to what was really going on, but I thought this was great. Absolutely loved the dialogue. Soderbergh's experiment with the iPhone feels less suited here than with Unsane, but I kind of like the sensation of spying on these private meetings that it creates. I'm curious to see how he continues to develop his style with the iPhone.

    I find it interesting that something like this probably would have gone down as one of his underseen experiments (Bubble, The Girlfriend Experience) if it had gone through the traditional channels of distribution, but Netflix releasing it kind of erases that once clearly defined line between his personal experiments and his clearly commercial films.
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    Soderbergh really did Sorkin better than Sorkin
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    This was fantastic. I already feel like I should watch it again.
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    man i fucking loved this. soderbergh tha GOAT