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Hidden Hospitals – Liars

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 18, 2018.

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    Hidden Hospitals have cemented themselves as one of my favorite current rock bands. As I was listening through Liars, I was taken back to what got me into the band in the first place. Their 2015 album, Surface Tension, was a breath of fresh air. They didn’t sound like anything on the radio. They aren’t afraid to try new things when it comes to their music and with Liars they encapsulate rock ‘n roll in their own way.

    Here’s what vocalist Dave Raymond has to say about rock ‘n roll: “Even the term ‘rock and roll’ evokes imagery that’s encapsulated. Heroes of a time passed, men in leather jackets and torn denim, guitars and Marshall half stacks, anchored in nostalgia, haunting CBGB’s.” I’m not here to tell you rock is dead, because that’s not something I believe. Not yet, anyway. But rock has certainly evolved over the years into something different and something new.

    Raymond’s vocals have a soft tone that contrast with the music just enough. It’s not such a huge contrast that it deters you from the music, but it makes it so interesting to listen to. Songs like “Acid Rain” and “Taking Sides” sound anthemic without Raymond’s voice necessarily needing to be loud and powerful. More often than not, his voice is actually a calming force.

    When you dive into the lyrics of Liars, you’ll find words on all facets of life. Love, happiness, memories, and so much more are part of this album. You won’t catch everything on a single listen because of how much depth you’ll find within each song.

    Liars is a great step for the band. After two EPs, the release of their debut album, Surface Tensions, and now this release, the band is building up a great discography so far. Hidden Hospitals is the rock band that I think all fans of the genre should be listening to right now.

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  2. reachingfor

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    Can’t wait to listen to Liars. Still listen to Surface Tension regularly.
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  3. TomG

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    I’ll give it a listen. The first Damiera EP and M(us)ic are unbelievable and underrated. The whole album is amazing from start to finish
  4. reachingfor

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    Agreed! M(us)ic is an incredible album.
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  5. Orla

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    Forgot about these dudes! Not really my bag musically, but I’ve seen them play a handful of times and they kick ass live.
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  6. xthricex


    This album is so good. So many dynamics and textures to absorb. Wasn’t sure I’d be into this album after they lost a member but very happy to be surprised.
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  7. maxracer


    just listened. loving the whole record, including 'acid rain'
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  8. I don't like this nearly as much as any of their past work - the mix isn't as clear as it could be and some songs, like the title track, don't do much for me. Still, there are some good tracks on here. Both Surface Tension and M(us)ic are great records.
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    shut it bigmouth ;-)
  10. sawhney[rusted]2 May 21, 2018
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    I’m on Liars and Liars might be my favorite HH song.

    Edit: Wow I vibe hard with this entire thing.
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  11. sawhney[rusted]2

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    After listening to this and reading the bands headspace about their approach to this record, it is really clicking. Reminds me a bit of what TREOS’ were doing with the electronics on The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
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  12. reachingfor

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    That’s the perfect comparison. I still revisit Mi Fa Mi all the time.
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