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    I definitely need to rewatch it on Prime. I only saw it once at home on the computer, and I also had avoided any spoilers or previews but had read a lot of the praise and hype, and I completely did not connect with it. I respected that it was well made but it left me completely cold. I had problems with how a major plot turning point in the middle of the film played out and didn't find it or the fallout from it believable in the slightest and it pulled me right out of the movie. After that a lot of what happened just seemed silly to me. Reading how so many people have it as one of their top movies of the year, if not the top movie, is making me think I really need to go back and give it another viewing. I love well-written and well made horror films and a film like this would usually be 100% my thing.
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    Please do. Most films I’m fine with people having their own view but this one was so close to my heart I kind of want to go door to door converting anyone who didn’t like it.
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    HA! I've had this connection to so many films in the past and usually can't even get other people to watch them. If they do and don't like the movie it's either crushing or it's like I need to reconsider why they are in my life haha. I could actively recognize that what I was seeing was usually the exact type of movie I would love so I am definitely going to give it another viewing as soon as I can.
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    I’ll watch one from your list in solidarity if you like.
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    Holy shit. I put off watching this movie for the longest time because I didn’t like the trailer and thought it was just a whatever horror movie. But the movie stayed in conversation right up until the end of the year and I knew it had to be for something. Finally got around to seeing this a few days ago and whoa. This was just as good as people say it is and so much better then I thought it would be. Definitely one of the best movies of 2018. A shame it’s chances of being nominated are slim.

    The movie itself.. after 20 mins or so, once Annie sees the apparition of her mother after turning the lights off I perked the hell up and my eyes were glued to the screen until the credits rolled. Things just kept escalating and it’s been a long time since I’ve literally been on the edge of my seat with my hands on my face in astonishment at everything enveloping. The accident in the middle of the movie, I didn’t think the movie would go there (should have known better) was just so emotionally crippling. His reaction to it made me feel like I would have done the exact same thing.

    It’s been days and I still can’t stop reading and thinking about it, gonna have to watch it again. Wanting to ask my gf but I’m not sure she can handle it. She’ll probably want to kill me once we get to the accident scene for making her watch it :/
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    Started a thread for it.
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