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    I definitely need to rewatch it on Prime. I only saw it once at home on the computer, and I also had avoided any spoilers or previews but had read a lot of the praise and hype, and I completely did not connect with it. I respected that it was well made but it left me completely cold. I had problems with how a major plot turning point in the middle of the film played out and didn't find it or the fallout from it believable in the slightest and it pulled me right out of the movie. After that a lot of what happened just seemed silly to me. Reading how so many people have it as one of their top movies of the year, if not the top movie, is making me think I really need to go back and give it another viewing. I love well-written and well made horror films and a film like this would usually be 100% my thing.
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    Please do. Most films I’m fine with people having their own view but this one was so close to my heart I kind of want to go door to door converting anyone who didn’t like it.
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    HA! I've had this connection to so many films in the past and usually can't even get other people to watch them. If they do and don't like the movie it's either crushing or it's like I need to reconsider why they are in my life haha. I could actively recognize that what I was seeing was usually the exact type of movie I would love so I am definitely going to give it another viewing as soon as I can.
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    I’ll watch one from your list in solidarity if you like.
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    Holy shit. I put off watching this movie for the longest time because I didn’t like the trailer and thought it was just a whatever horror movie. But the movie stayed in conversation right up until the end of the year and I knew it had to be for something. Finally got around to seeing this a few days ago and whoa. This was just as good as people say it is and so much better then I thought it would be. Definitely one of the best movies of 2018. A shame it’s chances of being nominated are slim.

    The movie itself.. after 20 mins or so, once Annie sees the apparition of her mother after turning the lights off I perked the hell up and my eyes were glued to the screen until the credits rolled. Things just kept escalating and it’s been a long time since I’ve literally been on the edge of my seat with my hands on my face in astonishment at everything enveloping. The accident in the middle of the movie, I didn’t think the movie would go there (should have known better) was just so emotionally crippling. His reaction to it made me feel like I would have done the exact same thing.

    It’s been days and I still can’t stop reading and thinking about it, gonna have to watch it again. Wanting to ask my gf but I’m not sure she can handle it. She’ll probably want to kill me once we get to the accident scene for making her watch it :/
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    who were we when we were who we were

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    Started a thread for it.
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  11. I watched this for the first time today. Eight hours later and I’m still actively thinking about it and read every page of this thread. The last half hour was probably too much for me - I was already feeling disturbed earlier but the slow burning, tense score that never let up was more frightening than straight up gore & old horror tropes. Absolutely loved this. Toni Collette blew me away yet again. Not exactly looking forward to watching this again, but I need to. I want to see all the background stuff I missed!
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    If it’s any help, second watch is definitely less tense. I noticed so many more things on the rewatch.
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    What a film. What. A. Film.

    Just watched it for the first time since theaters and it really cemented how great it is in my mind. A few thoughts:

    - There's a shot soon after Charlie dies when Annie is in the tree house with the red space heaters on and it shows Peter in bed staring out his window at it and the reflection of the red window is in his eyes and it's immediately unsettling and weird. Great shot.

    - When Annie is working on her miniatures in her workroom and spills the paint, there's a moment when a little paint jar is tipped over and spills on the piece of paper bringing her attention to it and it has Joans' phone number on it. I rewound it a few times and it's 100% clear that she didn't knock it over. It was tipped by something else; a spirit or Paimon or whatever.

    - When Joan approaches Annie's car outside of the group therapy session, you can tell when Joan switches on and off her fake emotions. There are times when she has sympathetic eyes and then she drops them into a cold and calculating stare as she's wearing her down.

    - Annie and Joan are drinking tea at Joans' apartment and at one moment Annie notices something in her mouth after a drink and pulls out a little pea-sized chunk of some solid brownish black hard substance. Not sure what that could be though.

    - The acting from every character is superb. In addition to what I said above about Joan, you can really feel the desperation and heartbreak from Steve, especially with how he's just trying to hold everything together and push them towards feeling better. And Annie's body language between her mood shifts are something else; the machinery of her spine and face and eyebrows are like a light switch flipping. And of course both kids are excellent in it. Charlie wasn't in the movie for long but she does very well and I think Peter does a much better job than I've heard and read online.

    - There are a lot of little motifs throughout the film: tons of mirrors and reflective surfaces that either have people in them from different angles or even just being there reflecting nothing just adds to the uneasy and nerve wracking tension, her miniatures of the home or the scene of the accident, and flames in fireplaces or candles.

    - It touches on themes of apathy and blame and guilt and forgiveness and goals, albeit those goals and the means to achieving them are horrific.

    I don't have any summary or elegant reason for what this movie was trying to do or say, but man it was even better than I was expecting on a rewatch. I can't wait to see his next movie. Gonna read through this whole thread again!
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    I still don’t think I’ve ever seen a better or more realistic scene/depiction of utter despair and grief in any movie ever. Just thinking about her screaming that she can’t do it and she doesn’t want to do it makes me remember so many moments in my life in a visceral way. I was so devastated in the theater when that happened.
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    Oh, I'm glad you mentioned that scene. Even knowing that it was coming when they were leaving the party, I got goosebumps and a lump in my throat up until after the funeral scene. It also brought me back to some of my worst moments how I couldn't even stand and would just collapse in confusion and utter loss.
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    I was really glad that I saw the movie with my mom who understood why I lost it so hard and could comfort me in the theater. If I had been out with someone who didn’t know me well it would have been a hard thing to get through.
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    That's good.

    Both my initial theater viewing and just now I watched it... alone...

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    The second time I was alone in the theater but I could handle it way easier. Haven’t busted out the blu ray yet.
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    I said it before and I'll say it again: the way the marketing made Charlie look like she was the one who was gonna be possessed was brilliant and her dying so early on was not only shocking but elicited one of the most visceral reactions I've ever had to a movie.
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    Totally. And I kept expecting her to come back and then she does in Peter's nightmare when her head rolls forward and turns into bouncy ball of some kind. It was kind of "funny" and fucked up.
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    I only saw this in theaters with a friend but I have been trying since opening weekend to convince my girlfriend to watch this and she keep refusing (she doesn't handle kid death very well in films. but I already spoiled that for her because she asked and I thought knowing in advance would merit a watch out of her). So far - no budging.
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    It's on Amazon Prime, just FYI :)
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    Oh, I know. To force it I might have to queue it up when I "don't know she's about to come home".
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    Midsommar confirmed to be 140 mins. Wowwwwww
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    My youngest child wont stop clicking his tongue