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Henry Rollins Talks Punk Rock in the Trump Era

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Henry Rollins talked with The Daily Beast about a variety of topics in the world and punk rock:

    We live in an age of inevitability from Reagan to now, because, since he was president, there’s been one overriding current in this country: Send the money upstairs, you get less, he gets more. Dumb down the electorate. Really work at it. Because we need dumb people who don’t travel, and who hate and fear whatever’s “out there” so we can throw them into a desert and blow up a country that never did anything to us. And, while we’re at it, make it easier to rob a liquor store, or just make some bad choices, so Johnny can go away for 20 years for three joints in his ass pocket. Because that’s where those guys make their money: through incarceration. These kids in cages that are costing the American taxpayers $750 a day, and yet there’s no budget for toothbrushes? That should tell you everything.

  2. Jacktheskipper


    Henry Rollins is a damn smart guy and it's so worth it to see him live ...