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  1. Brother Beck

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    I know it's a pretty cynical business, but he did seem so pumped. I am sure most people don't sign on to a project like this hoping the production will be a clusterfuck and the final product will be bad.
  2. I Am Mick

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    Harbour seems like a good guy, so I feel bad, but this bombing after Lionsgate wouldn’t fund the final part of GDT’s sequel would be something.
  3. Zilla

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    I can kind of get why Lionsgate wouldn’t find it though. GDT said it would cost about $120 million and since one of the original film companies, Relativity, that funded the first two went under, he already was in an uphill battle. The other two scraped by because of DVD sales, which you can’t relt on anymore.

    Still - going this route was certainly a choice.
  4. michael_gatto


    I saw this tonight and I honestly thought it was awesome. It's unfair to compare it to either of GDT's films, but as it's own film it's a total blast. Harbour is great, it's got a nice horror vibe to it thanks to Marshall and the sense of humor here is pretty great too.
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    I'm genuinely surprised that it got such a bad rap. I know it wasn't to get a good reception but I really didn't see anything wrong with the trailers. Yes, it was different but that doesn't make it a bad movie.
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  6. Its the curse of Milla Jovovich. I can't think of a great movie she's been in since The Fifth Element. Good luck, Monster Hunter World.
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  7. Bane

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    I personally really enjoy the first two Resident Evil movies but yea her track record isn't great

    Oh not that she was the draw for it but she's in Zoolander 1 and that's one of my favorite comedies
  8. I Am Mick

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    I’m honestly so excited for MHW, what a fucking disaster that’s going to be. I want them to drive a Jeep into a Rathalos’ head
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    I don’t see how it’s unfair to compare it to GDT’s movie. It’s not like they’re introducing a radically different story or the way it looks. It’s a Hellboy movie just like the other ones are.

    It is a total mess. There’s not 10 minutes that go by that they’re not only introducing some new character, but also a flashback to their backstory. The movie never takes a moment to breathe. The editing gives “Transformers” a run for its money in terms of throttling the audience. The violence is just there for violence’s sake.

    It’s just one overwhelming, empty ride.

    I thought the first 15 minutes were good. Harbour does the best that he can with the material. Because it’s such a mess, there weren’t many times where I was bored, so it’s not quite as loathsome as something like “Kick Ass.” But this definitely would have been more palatable if they took the “Venom” route and just shaved it down to 90 minutes.
  10. ECV

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    Finally saw this last night. I don’t really have any connection to the GDT movies or the character but I thought the first trailer looked fun. It was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. Nothing about it worked for me. The screenplay was awful, the acting was awful, the characters were so thin. The action scenes were just...nothing? That giant scene was so boring. The costume design was straight out of party city. The CGI was atrocious (that fake blood...). I never fully knew what was happening, it felt like a series of scenes where Hellboy shows up to witness some grotesque violence for a bit until he gets dragged somewhere else. Eventually it ends.
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    My brother said that Hellboy basically shows up to a bunch of places, tends to get his ass kicked, then it moves along to another scene.

    He hated this movie, and for him? That’s news. He’s a very forgiving moviegoer.
  12. That's kinda how he is in the book.
  13. Drew Beringer

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    This was gross and irreverent but I think I love it?
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  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  15. Drew Beringer

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    agreed - it's a shitty movie that was a ton of fun
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    I was torn because I really did want to see a project succeed that could lead to David Harbour getting more, bigger and more leading roles, but then I read about a lot of the stuff the producers did during production and that made me want to see the whole thing crash and burn in spectacular fashion.