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    Not great, Bob.

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    What a shame
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  5. Haha wow
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    Well that’s a huge bummer
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    God damnit
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    I don't care much about Hellboy but I wanted to do good for David Harbour's sake
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  10. I expected this to flop at the box office but was hoping it'd at least be a fun movie. Shame.
  11. Serh

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    Hey, maybe there are good elements within it and it'll become a cult favorite years down the road! *ap.net shrug emoji*
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    The creature effects look kinda cool but that’s about it.
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    Goddamn this is getting dragggged
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    Looking back a few pages on here I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the trailer was kinda fucked with the tone and had misgivings. But I just went with "alright it could easily be a poorly edited trailer and the movie is fine".....sucks that that doesn't seem to be the case. Big fan of the first 2 movies, still wanted this to be a nice continuation of the Hellboy name even if not from Guillermo and company. Honestly wonder how Guillermo feels in this case, I'm sure he was hoping the best for it too and would be bummed out that it might not be great.
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    seems like a good time to post one of my all time favorite tweets

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    Anyone see this yet?
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    Damn, I was really rooting for this movie. From the review I read it sounds like they tried to fit a trilogy's worth of content into one 2hr movie.
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  20. matthaber

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    Well that was hot gutter trash
  21. matthaber

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    The amount of unnessercary f bombs in this script is laughable . Everyone swears like a 12 year old boy on Xbox
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    I know this is like the go-to thing when a movie is terrible - I'm looking at you FANT4STIC - but there is an article kicking around about how the producers did things like fire his regular cinematographer just to show Neil Marshall that he wasn't in charge on set. It was the first I had heard about this being a very troubled production.
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    I work with a lot of nerds who I’ve never heard talk true shit on a comic book movie. A lot of “it’s not the best but had some cool parts” kind of criticism. This is the first movie I’ve ever seen them unanimously say is truly terrible and I am actually surprised.
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    It bums me out to read how bad this apparently is. I was pulling for it. I love David Harbour, I like the Hellboy story, and I'm a pretty big Neil Marshall fan. I was rooting for this like an underdog because it had an uphill battle in just coming out as opposed to GDT's Hellboy 3 with Ron Perlman.
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    This probably explains why it sounds like David Harbour sounded so bummed during CinemaCon. He seemed so excited on Twitter when shooting started. Crazy how this fell apart.
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