Hellboy (Neil Marshall; April 12, 2019) Movie

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    Hellboy creator Mike Mignola revealed that an R-rated Hellboy reboot is already in the works with director Neil Marshall, and Stranger Things star David Harbour as the new Hellboy.

    No release date yet, but it could start filming end of this year or the start of next.
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    I'm down. Hope it's good.
  3. airik625

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  4. airik625

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  5. musicandlyrics

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    Hoping that it will be a great film. I am really not a fan of this movie but I have watched it before so I might as well watch this one in the future.
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    Still want the final film from Guillermo del Toro after his first two efforts as I really liked both.
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  9. Looks like the title is being shortened to Hellboy.
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    I liked it having a subtitle to separate it from the Del Toro films but whatever, as long as it's good.
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    Respect to Ajax

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    All the respect in the world to him. I mean, he shouldn't have accepted the role (or even auditioned for it) in the first place, but I wish more stars had the wherewithal to realize when their actions are problematic and make the right choices to fix the situation.
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  16. Big fan of that choice.
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  17. Also, first look!

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    That's a good Hellboy
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    Really cool what Ed Skrein did. He's a talented guy. I doubt he'll have to wait long for another big role. Doing the right thing is more important anyway.
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  20. Release date announced!
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    not sure if this is teasing this or some sort of dvd release
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    very here for harbour in the role
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