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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Firefly, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Garrett L.

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    theragun is having a black friday sale and i have zero regrets about that purchase.
  2. I've gone completely sideways in my little health and fitness journey. I say sideways because I haven't put on any weight but I've stayed the same for the past month and have rationalized it and it's really bothering me. So just gotta start doing what I was doing before, it's quite simple I just need to get consistent again.
  3. marsupial jones

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    you probably know this but, you may have to add some new things or do more reps (depending on what you're doing) if you've plateaued. the body is a fascinating and frustrating tool that adapts quickly so what worked to shed a bunch of weight (for example) a few months ago may not do anything now.
  4. Yeah it's really been as simple as I stopped working out and half been eating only halfway decent but I definitely appreciate the advice. I really feel if I just get into the gym and do a fair amount of cardio with some weightlifting I will be set. I just havent found a way into the gym yet. Previously I would just walk a few miles before work, i'm having major issues with my right calf right now so any serious cardio has to be done in ways besides running, which there are a ton of those they are just found in the god damn gym.

    I don't know why its so hard for me to go to the gym after work it just is.
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    i'm definitely a (very) early morning exercise person myself, so i get it. there are some weirdos out there like @dylan who enjoy working out after work but i've never been able to find a rhythm / system that works after work. which sucks because i have to do that during the winter months now (bought a NordicTrack treadmill but need to keep it at my parents house and i'm not driving past work to their house at 4 am to then go back home and then go to work, blegh)
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  6. GrantCloud

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    Pre workout might be a good investment too if you are finding it hard to get motivation to go after a full work day.
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  7. I have become an early morning person myself these past 4 months, I literally can't sleep past 6:45 am anymore and even that is kind of late. I think I could pull off getting up at 5:30 and going to the gym without much issue. I'm being selfish because I have a job that just needs me to be there for 7 hours (I don't take lunch so I can leave early) meaning whenever I come in means I can leave 7 hours later. So I love to get in at 8 AM so I can leave at 3, my commute is unfortunately like 40 minutes which I HATE because that is time I could be spending at a gym. I need to really just stop being so selfish and sacrifice a little sleep it will be worth it.
  8. dylan

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    sleep is just as important as time in the gym and your diet when it comes to weight loss and recovery, so don't sacrifice too much or you're gonna run into plateaus again.
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  9. Yeah believe me my ass is passin out by 10 PM usually these days haha
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    for awhile i was naturally waking up by 4:45 am every day. it was actually really fucking nice and so much better to wake up that way than to a shrieking alarm. hope to get back to that soon. everything just feels so much harder to do in winter though, the midwest (any state with a snowy winter) sucks.
  11. ncarrab


    You guys want to wake up early? Have kids.
  12. Taketimeandfind


    I’m an after work guy. Go every day and on weekends I find I don’t go as hard as I usually do when I work
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    I prefer evening workouts but if I know I’m gonna be busy that evening I suck it up and go at 5 am. My work schedule has been fairly light recently though and I’ve been getting done earlier, so it’s been a while since I have done an early morning session.
  14. Garrett L.

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    I love the 8a-10a or 3p-5p window. But. You know. Every job on the planet seems to interfere with both simultaneously.
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    For the record, you early gym people are the weirdos
  16. LightWithoutHeat

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    No we aren’t.
  17. Hello everyone,

    I may have asked this before but I don't think so, does anyone have a good app (idk if you have to pay) that can display a workout routine for you? I'm looking for something that will create my weekly schedule and then also just tell me each exercise I should do and then I can check off each one as I go. It has to exist, theres just such a giant market for it I can't seem to narrow down a good one.

    I'm really looking for just free weight and machine workouts. I don't like doing like random calisthenics in a public gym.

    Any help would be great! What always holds me back from going to the gym is i'm completely overwhelmed on where to start and what to do each day. Just some kind of organized app that can lay it out for me would be terrific!
  18. himynameisiain

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    These are the sweet spots. It’s after everyone has left to get to their work, and before the old folk arrive. Once the Jan/Feb madness is out the way, I find 7.30pm onwards pretty decent as starts to clear out.
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    Gymaholic is what I’ve used for the past 3ish years and I love it. I got it when it was new and paid like $5 for the premium version for life but now I think the premium is subscription based but either way I think it’s worth it. You can customize your routines, add weight reps sets cool down timers it has 3D models on how to do lifts and you can edit while you’re in the middle of the routine if your equipment is taken or whatever it may be.
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  20. Perfect, thank you my friend
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  21. phaynes12

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    i use Centr. it also pairs workouts with meal planning. like it quite a bit
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  22. cherrywaves


    Started Whole30 last week but quickly abandoned it last night in favor of copious amounts of Szechuan. The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were a disaster for me health-wise so I'm trying to get back on track.
  23. DrAlanGrant

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    I have a pretty good diet overall but sometimes it’s SO hard to cut out chips for snacking. Literally could eat a whole bag to myself. I think it’s more about the routine and “crunch” than the actual thing. Any good/filling alternative to chips?
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  24. ncarrab


    I have the same problem. Probably not much better of an option but instead of eating Doritos/Cheetos/BBQ Chips I’ll go with pretzels or wheat thins or even like, a string cheese. Just to cure that ‘snack itch’ but I definitely still struggle with the chips.
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  25. Mr. Serotonin

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    Next time you want chips, get some dried up leaves and step all over for that beautiful *crunch* sound you crave. If you step high enough, it also becomes a workout.