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  1. I think 12 pm - 8 pm is a good time for me
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    I’ve also been on a OMAD kick and it’s doing wonders. Also makes it way easier for me to power through any hunger/urge to boredom snack when I know I can feast for an hour and have trouble even approaching my calorie limit. That meal can be, like, four Taco Bell items and I’ll still feel on track
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    I gotta eat throughout the day. I have to constantly have snacks with me because I can faint or get migraines. Last night I woke up at like 3am just starving. I guess u could argue that if the meals I do eat were more healthy and full that I may not have that problem lol, but I'm not quite there yet. I think if I meal and snack prepped I could probably do it, but that dang lil depression is always out to kill my motivation!

    Lately I have to be okay with meeting myself where I'm at. Just worked 11 hours with no real break and I'm so tired I'm nauseous. It's difficult to balance that and exercising and having motivation to eat well. And I didn't even intend to do it like I totally planned on taking a nap and packing a lunch during my break and then going to the gym after work buuuuuut didn't happen for me lol.
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  4. marsupial jones

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    the fall weather has hit in full force this week and i really love it for my runs. already have hit patches of crunchy leaves during some of the journey's :heart:
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    It's f*ckboi fall, i'm about to get shredded
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    JFG I’m out of data
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    Whoops wrong thread
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    Down to 201, getting back under 200 is a short term goal for me.
  13. K0ta

    I'm gonna start running again today, fell off completely once the summer hit, then got a tattoo on my leg which sidelined me for a month, then hurt my leg in a mosh pit (lol im old) so that sidelined me a bit longer - but it's finally cooling off, and it's time to get back into it.
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  14. K0ta

    I went for a run yesterday! Only got 2 miles but I didn't want to push it, because I get really bad knots in my neck/back that give me migraines and so I don't want to overexert myself right out of the gate. I think my average was 9:45 a mile which I am not happy about but I can work on it.

    Does anybody else's nose run as much as mine does? It's sooo gross, I think it's because my nose piercings tbh but I am so snotty during and after a run, it's uncomfortable haha.
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    It's always so hard to gauge when you go back to it, haha. Easy to run way farther than needed and then you can't walk for several days :crylaugh:
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    I also get super snotty during/after runs and it’s miserable haha
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  17. marsupial jones

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    I would guess it might be weather, climate or breathing-style related because I haven't had any issues with nose stuff at all over the last 4-5 months, whether it's 3 miles or 18
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  18. K0ta

    Exactly, I think I stopped at the perfect time too because a few minutes late my lungs burned up and my muscles got really tight. I'm feeling it today but lots and lots of stretching is keeping me from seizing up too bad. I really wanted to keep going but I need to be patient...which I really am not haha.
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  19. I just started running today too after just walking in the mornings for two months and it felt a lot better than I thought it would. It actually felt great, i'm doing intermittent running at the moment. I realized today I need to start doing the gym in the mornings instead of just walking/running around my complex. I'm at 20 lbs down but my weight loss has slowed down to a crawl and obviously harder exercise will change that. I'm gonna try out the couch to 5k app for tracking my running progress and see how that goes.

    Does anyone have a good reference I could use to start developing a workout routine? I absolutely suck at lifting at gyms, the only time I lifted consistently was crossfit which I plan going back to around the new year. When I go to the gym though to life I have no idea what to do and how often etc. Can't exactly do power cleans and snatches in a public gym. Any suggestions??
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    If you're nervous about lifting in gyms, you can get very far with just body weight type workouts. Wide grip and close grip pull ups if you can, sometimes they have a resistance band type set up you can use so that you can do more pull ups than you normally would be able to. Wide/diamond/close push ups as well, ab wheels, leg raises while hanging from a pull up bar, etc, box jumps, etc.
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  21. I wouldn't say its nerves, I just have brutal ADD and really need a strict routine to follow and complete or else im just gonna be all over the place. Im just thinking free weights and machines right now, pull ups with resistance bands and box jumps will definitely be waiting for me when I start crossfit again haha.
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    It’s the only thing I have to flex about. Let me have this!!! :verysad:
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    I do not understand why people need the bench like two feet from the free weight rack. Like “ope, let me awkwardly reach around you for some weights”
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    Remind me to send you a good six week workout (I’m about to start it again on Sunday) I’ve done a few times now that I love. Message me sometime tomorrow if I forget (it’s on my work computer).
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