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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Firefly, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Dirty Sanchez

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    I’m going back to near zero carb soon.
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  2. DrAlanGrant

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    Yes! Thank you so much. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. I need the structure of the 5k training to keep me motivated. Definitely going to check out the podcast!

    I’m VERY impatient too. That’s why I’m kind of “scared” to start the couch to 5k because I don’t want to get bored and say fuck it
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  3. Kiana

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    Phoebe Bridgers is surprisingly rly working for me at the gym rn for exercise music. I'm on my lunch break so I'm not doing a super sweaty intense workout so doing the stationary bike with my eyes closed listening to Phoebe is super relaxing
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  4. marsupial jones

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    I did a run a few weeks ago exclusively to Better Oblivion Community Center and found it to be very enjoyable. I tend to enjoy that style while running more so than something loud and fast (for the most part) which seems the opposite of what most would assume
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  5. ncarrab


    So i jammed my ring finger 3+ weeks ago playing basketball. I jam my fingers quite often when I play, but this one was/is really bad. It's been more than 3 weeks and I still cannot get my wedding ring over my bottom knuckle. My ring used to slide on and off quite easily. Pain has subsided and my range of motion is pretty good, but the swelling after 3 weeks had me worried because I've been icing like crazy and taking Motrin over the course of 3 weeks and nothing is helping. Last night I went to Urgent Care to confirm it wasn't broken. X-rays showed no breaks but very clear swelling still so she referred me to a hand specialist because she cannot rule out ligament tear/damage. Not even sure what can be done for that other than rest if that's the case.
  6. GrantCloud

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    You could maybe tape it to the next finger to keep it from bending, or a splint. But other than that ice, and regular medicine seems like the most you can do to help it heal.
  7. ncarrab


    Yeah, they taped it last night. So i guess i'll continue to try that. I don't even want to bother with the hand specialist.
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  8. I've been very hopeless the past 6 months about my health and fitness. I obsess about how overweight I am and it makes me incredibly insecure and I just cant seem to get anything going. I had my good friend today text me and let me know our Fantasy Football Draft is sunday and a bunch of people are going to so and sos house and I should come. My very first thought was fuck, I don't want these people to see me I look awful. I say that because these are all my friends who I used to do crossfit with, and they still go and all look incredible. There is literally no way in hell I would ever put myself in that environment right now, no matter how much they told me they don't care about my weight if I were honest to them about it, it doesn't matter.

    I don't like how that occurred, I really would love to see them yet here I am, stuck. So, I kept hearing ads for that noom app, today I answered a bunch of questions and did a free trial for 2 weeks, if I like it it's like 100 bucks for 6 months. I'm really not sure what its completely about but I know it can hold me accountable and give me direction, which I really need because just trying to motivate myself and guiding myself has never worked. I only did the preliminary stuff today and actually get started tomorrow but one thing the app made clear was just to fuckin believe in yourself and that the app can actually do a lot of good for me if I just get in line and do what it asks.

    I'm really at my wits end about this stuff and that's where I feel like I had to get before I made any real attempt. So here goes attempt #400 for me.
  9. CobraKidJon

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    I moved out of my parents house and I’ve started to eat maybe barely 2 meals a day so I’ve already lost like 8 pounds and I didn’t even notice it.

    plus I go to the apartment gym so that’s cool.
  10. PepsiOne

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    Man I relate to this heavily. Had a couple close friends pass, was struggling with work and quit an addiction cold turkey and all that funneled into a ton of eating and beer and I ballooned about 70lbs in a year. I’m 6’4 so it wasn’t that obvious to people around me just how bad it was but I felt absolutely miserable every day and avoided being in pictures at all costs.

    I didn’t go home for the holidays for a couple years because, like you said, I didn’t want to be around anyone like that. Not just because I felt less attractive or whatever, but because to me it was just obvious physical evidence of me going through a lot of shit and I didn’t want anyone to worry or notice what kind of space I was in mentally. So instead of going home for a week I would spend the week eating pizza and drinking and just making the problem worse lol. A few times every year there would be a wedding or family gathering coming up and I’d be like, alright, I’ve got to get back to where I was by then, fit in my old suit, etc. It was just me putting a ton of pressure on myself, and then it wouldn’t happen and then I couldn’t enjoy myself at the wedding or on the cruise etc.

    Trying so hard to avoid all that stuff just added to my depression and I had to just force myself to do things and realize people didn’t really see me any differently. Lost over half the weight in a few months just being patient and consistent with no event-oriented goals in mind. Now I’m struggling to lose the rest for myriad other reasons but I feel more like myself at least. So I suggest just giving it a shot to let yourself live your life while staying as consistent as you can. Your friends just want your company and don’t care what shape you’re showing up in. But I know that’s easier said than done.
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  11. Thank you, yes we are on the same wavelength. What a shitty cycle we can get stuck in. I just keep reminding myself if I consistently do this it will be the best thing I have ever done in my life, and i'm a drug addict whos been clean for over 4 years! That was easier to do then this healthy lifestyle thing! Thank you though for sharing and relating. I really hope this time is the time. First thing I need to do is buy a scale after work, weight myself every morning. I am terrified of what that number is gonna be on the scale but I am ready to face the music.
  12. eight30


    I also relate to all of this so much. I've noticed buying a scale and weighing myself frequently (people tell me every day isn't good for me!) that it really does hold me accountable. I gained back like 5 pounds over the course of a few weeks and went back to bringing my lunch to work and I'm down 3 again. It helps. AND I was terrified about the number on the scale but it was less than I feared so I think we can all be a little less hard on ourselves!
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  13. ChaseTx

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    I just took the firefighters physical agility test. GOD.

    Passed though
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  14. Garrett L.

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    Dan :heart:

    I want to encourage you to go see them anyway. Friendships overcome so much and remind us we’re not alone. And these journeys can never go on alone.
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  15. GrantCloud

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    about three weeks ago or so totally switched up my gym regime and supplements. Since then I’ve gone from 205 to 211. And im starting to notice more definition in my shoulders/back than I have before. It was at the perfect time because I definitely felt like I was going nowhere the last month or so, much needed.

    Hoping I can get to 215 by middle of fall.
  16. thesoftskeleton


    I had leaned out a whole bunch in the winter and I have been putting on more muscle lately and I’m slowly trying to get use to that lifting means I’m gonna look “bigger” just that weird “female body” mental hump I have to get past. Been conditioned my whole life to think being bigger isn’t better and to only do cardio as a girl.
  17. Kiana

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    Just yesterday I went to the gym and ate tons of fruits and veggies and then made this delish low carb broccoli, cauliflower, cheesy goodness and was so proud. Today I've eaten.... A belvita breakfast bar, two packages of peanut butter crackers, and a bowl of cereal. And no gym, which is prob for the best since I ate like nothing substantial. I just need to dominate this weekend and get back on track but it's easy to justify continuing to suck when u already slacked one day
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  18. Steve_JustAGuy


    Definitely see the specialist if you can, injuries to digits can be tricky.
  19. ncarrab


    Ugh...I cancelled my appointment with the specialist that was supposed to be this morning. To be honest, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't broken (which the X-ray confirmed). If I still had a lot of pain/lack of range of motion I would have kept the appointment, but really, there's hardly any pain left and I can move it fine. It's just the swelling that is still prevalent, which the doc said bad sprains can take 4-8 weeks to fully heal.

    If it's still swollen in a few weeks I'll probably reschedule, but for now I'm gonna continue with taping it.
  20. GrantCloud

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    This is true, I broke my right thumb and tore a few ligaments in eighth grade, had a cast up half my arm for six weeks. It healed, but from time to time if I’m putting a lot of pressure on that hand for extended periods of time I do get slight pains. Minimal but definitely noticeable.
  21. Steve_JustAGuy


    If anything, I'd just want to know the situation with the ligaments. It sounds like you have a decent handle on it, just keep the specialist in mind for future reference.

    I get the hesitation though. I saw a specialist for my shoulder once after years of issues and he basically told me to add more pulling exercises to my routine. Whole appointment was done in under 5 minutes lol. He was right though.
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  22. marsupial jones

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    i have decided that i am going to do some type of run every single day. even if it's just a mile or two on a supposed-to-be-rest-day, i will run. i simply have to.

    normally Saturdays are just cross training days and Mondays or Tuesdays are rest days and mentally i am just so bored and disheartened on those days because i'm not running. i know cross training is super important and will still do that, but i'll also be adding in a mile or two light run. as soon as i decided to go for a run today instead of just cross train my attitude changed considerably. it was almost alarming lol.
  23. Carmen SD


    Not sure where this belongs or if anyone cares to read this and respond, but it's health related. Several months ago, I was at my "heaviest" which I was fine with because I've always had trouble gaining weight. When I got my heart broken, I lost about 10lbs because I had no appetite to eat. Lately I've been eating meals again, and actually trying to eat "better" (make myself a sandwich for lunch and some snacks). Usually I have something small that's more of a snack. Well, I've been losing more weight! My co workers can even tell and feel like they're slightly concerned (understandable). I don't know what else to do to gain weight. I'm not out eating at restaurants every week anymore, but I was doing that for about 2 years and the weight gain didn't happen until maybe this year? So I don't feel like thats related. Anyway, I don't know what to do to gain weight back. Is there a ready to go protein shake or something that will help? I'm willing to try that for breakfast or some time during the day.
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  24. dylan

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    You need to figure out your body’s TDEE (Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)!) and then you need to eat more calories than you expend. Get a calorie tracker like myfitnesspal and start with a small surplus like ~200kcal/day and then increase or decrease that surplus after a few weeks as you feel necessary. 12oz of 2% milk and a scoop of the cheapest whey protein you can find at the grocery store should get you ~240kcal
  25. marsupial jones

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    Longest run of my life today - a 12-miler (until next weekend when the training plan calls for 13 miles) and it went amazing. I feel good, sore in some areas of course, but all in all i couldn’t really ask for it to go better.

    Came out to a 10 minute average per mile, which is a bit faster than I wanted (was aiming for 11-11:30 a mile) so I hope I don’t feel more repercussions tomorrow, but we’ll see.
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