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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Firefly, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Reputation is the perfect album to listen to while working out and I’m too lazy to compile a new playlist
  2. marsupial jones

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    ok, now that i've used this for about a month i can safely post a recommendation on here: the flipbelt is amazing / awesome / science fiction. i've used it on every run for the last month and other trips to the gym and have had no issues whatsoever with things falling out, poking me, chaffing, moving or anything. it's fucking magic.

    if you hate carrying a bunch of shit with you on runs or trips to the gym (phone, keys, small snack, license, etc.) i would definitely recommend picking one of these up. one of the best purchases i've made in a long time.
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    I'll second the flipbelt rec.
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  4. atlas


    This pertains 100% to the health part and not to the fitness part but I have a bacterial infection and the antibiotic I'm on is fucking me up big time and I need to white knuckle through 4 more hours of work, send good vibes plz
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  5. marsupial jones Aug 4, 2019
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    marsupial jones

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    running thread doesn't really seem to live anymore (sad :tear:) so i'm posting this here:

    just signed up for my first marathon! November10th - the Madison Marathon.
    aside from getting gouged on the price of the hotel (my fault since it's so close to the event) i'm very excited and looking forward to it. i have my first half marathon on October 26th in Milwaukee, and wasn't planning on doing a full marathon until 2020, but fuck it, i'll just incorporate the half into the training plan as a training day.

    biggest aspirations would be to do 2-3 marathons in 2020, and then do a 50 mile ultras in 2021, 100 mile ultras in 2022.
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  6. Kiana

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    I've been trying different ab exercises and some yoga stretches for my back and it's renewed my interest in the gym. I get bored with the same stuff so it's nice to feel inspired again!
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  7. marsupial jones

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    Went to a specialty running store today and got some “appropriate” running shoes and inserts. Inserts were about half the price of the shoes which makes no sense to me but whatever, just an interesting note I made when I looked at the receipt.

    What was funny is that usually I never want sales staff to talk to me or try and get me to buy things and this guy couldn’t have given a shit less about selling a damn thing. He was super knowledgeable about the proper shoes and inserts I needed but didn’t try to sell me socks, shirts, shorts or gels even though I was asking a trillion questions. Could have probably wrangled another few hundred out of me but seemed like he was more focused on having an empty store lol oh well got my shoes and got more gear elsewhere
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    they do a gait test on you or how did you get fitted and recommended shoes there? I've always wanted to go get a gait exam but my nike winflo's do just fine for now.
  9. marsupial jones

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    This place (called Fleet Feet, not sure how large the brand is) had a scanner thing that you stand on barefoot for 30 seconds and then they show you on an iPad a 360 degree layout of your feet. It was super cool because it showed me what I suspected, that my ankle build is different on my left foot vs right so the movement is different so I need more ankle support. They then talk to you about stride and posture and whatnot and then you can also run on a treadmill to map your gait and pressure points / where you land on your foot, etc. and then you try a bunch on and then nervously pick one because the staff seems restless lol

    When I got there I asked if the shoes I was using now (the ones I was wearing) were okay and the guy said, “no, those are terrible. I can tell within you walking 5 steps that those are gonna break your ankle if you keep using those. Let me guess, some generic Nike’s at a department store?” I felt so ashamed, those shoes are the most comfortable pair I own, but they do irritate my left ankle a bit after 6-7 miles at a time lol
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  10. ncarrab


    My podiatrist molded my feet a few years ago so the inserts are perfect for my basketball shoes - which is the only time I need them due to Morton’s was like $300 to do that though (I think my insurance covered some of it).
  11. marsupial jones

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    daaaaaamn. that's expensive. but i guess if it does the trick then it makes it all worthwhile! how long will those inserts lasts? hopefully longer than usual (which for mine the guy said, "they'll last through 2 pairs of shoes" which is quite vague but i guess they kind of have to be)
  12. marsupial jones

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    today officially marks 3 months (13 weeks) until my first marathon.

    very excited obviously and feel i'm in a good position to be able to keep up with the training and not overdue anything and i won't have to cram too much into the next 13 weeks to get up to speed. right. i'm not at all concerned with timing - aside from wanting to finish in the allotted time - so for me it's just being able to do 26.2 miles all as some form of a run (if i have to take a walk break or two i won't be too unhappy about it, i guess - although if it's only one that might piss me off some :crylaugh:)
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  13. ncarrab


    They’re made out of like, really hard leather so they should last for a very long time.

    I put them under the shoe’s natural insole (under the heel part). Problem is, once I take off the glued insole that comes with the shoe and place it back on top of my insert, it practically ruins the shoe ASAP...especially for playing basketball because I can feel the shoe’s insole moving around because it’s no longer glued down.

    Luckily, about six months ago I found a pair of Adidas that had a naturally raised heel so I’ve been wearing those pain free and haven’t had to use my inserts since.
  14. Steve_JustAGuy


    I've only run one marathon, but the only time I "walked" was getting water at the stations towards the end. With the cups and wet ground I didn't want to chance slipping so close to the end. But the walking was only a few steps til I downed the drink. Happy training!
  15. Kiana

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    I'm at the doctor and I've gained twenty pounds since last year and I'm Not Handling It Well. Mostly because my clothes are not fitting as well and I don't have the money to buy new pants and skirts! I'm not necessarily bothered with the way I look at all. But I know I've not been doing as well at the gym and have been stress eating my feelings a lot so it's defeating in that way. I also feel like I may have a thyroid issue idk idk. Just stressful!!
  16. Kiana

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    Ok I've calmed down about the weight gain. My butt looks good af tbh. I tracked a few days of my eating because I wanted to track my nutrients to see if that'll help me adjust my diet and figure out why I'm so tired all the time. I actually get more protein than I thought. also eat waaaay more carbs than I thought, tho lots of them are from fruits and veggies which like... I'm not gonna cut those out. My friend who does keto cuts out certain veggies and fruits and I think that's bananas! I could probably stand to not eat sandwiches for like every meal but Kanye shrug!

    I've been working late and am super exhausted so I've only been to the gym once in the last two weeks.

    On the plus side I went to the cool largely vegetarian market 45 min away and it was so much fun and I got lots of cheap produce. Wish I could go more often but their closing time is literally "a half hour before the sun goes down" so like ..... Not super accessible lol
  17. PepsiOne Aug 15, 2019
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    Have fallen off running/IF these last few months. Apparently have had a herniated disc in my back for years which explains a lot. Pain got bad enough to keep me from exercising the last few months, and I’m terrible at being strict with my diet if I’m not also working out so I’m basically just back where I was which is very frustrating
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  18. Kiana

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    The good thing is that since you've done it before you know you can do it, so you're not back where you were before. You got this!
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  19. Garrett L.

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    I’ve been lap swimming off and on for about seven years now. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done it last, but I got back in the pool this morning on a whim and it was wonderful. I really wish I could flip a switch to help me stay motivated to reintegrate it.

    Also—couldn’t find my jammer and had to wear my joke speedo and now I’m mad that I’ve considered it a joke speedo because there’s something to be said for not having leg hairs ripped out on every kick turn with the jammer.
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  20. Kiana

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    If you've never worked out hard while having period cramps you just haven't lived

    And by lived I mean died inside.
  21. DrAlanGrant

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    Finally trying to get back into the health game. Lost a good chunk of weight with IF this time last year but have been really bad with it lately. Ran for the first time this morning in monthssssssss - only 2 miles but it’s a start.

    Not the OP but definitely needed to hear this this morning. Thanks
  22. DrAlanGrant

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    Anyone ever do any variation of Couch to 5k and have any tips on it? Did it work? Helpful?
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  23. Roadrunner Sports offers something of that variety too. Also a chain I think? I did it last year cuz my knee was just barking mad. They recorded me jog then briefly run on the treadmill then did some test to see my arch type (in my case lack thereof) and if I run inward or outward.

    I ended up getting soles molded and learned the type of shoe I need based on my running style and super flat feet. Super interesting stuff and it really helped a lot to know that.

    Fun fact: I went cheap last year and got a level 4 instead of my level 5 because the sales guy showed me insanely expensive options for level 5. I paid the price with my knee. Just went back the other day for proper level 5s and whaaaat a different experience. Also the sales person this time didn’t show me the pricey as shit options so I was quite happy through and through :)

    Shoutout to jumper’s knee for making my life interesting!
  24. Last year I decided to do a 5K after years of wanting to do an actual “race” and did my own flavor of couch to 5K (only because I didn’t know it existed until after). To ease into it I signed up for the virtual version of The Great Pumpkin Run. So then I was committed but not like thrown to the wolves lol.

    I downloaded this Intervals app with 5K training and other marathon trainings included. Also did a lot of online research for training recs then built out custom ones within that Intervals app to prepare me. I read Shut Up & Run by Robin Arzon to get motivated and listened to a lot of fitness related podcasts to get “#inspired”.

    Check out the Hurdle podcast by Emily Abbate, she’s a runner and overall motivational fitness person with super interesting guests. Also her Instagram will motivate the hell out of you to get up and go for a run lol.

    TL;DR - Interval training as a whole really helped me work up to long distance running. Before I was only doing a mile or two at best. It helped me get my endurance up and eventually my speed and pacing. Also with my knee issue I needed to work up to longer distances slowly without hurting myself and interval training was great for that.

    PS: when I take an interest in ***anything*** I deep dive hard if you couldn’t tell haha :)

    The Great Pumpkin Run ->
    The Great Pumpkin Run: Virtual
  25. Garrett L.

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    I did it nine years ago when I was trying to get into running. It’s fantastic. Felt slow to me, but I’m an impatient person.