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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Firefly, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    The first time it really became a serious issue I ate too fast and food literally got jammed in my throat. I had to have it removed via “surgery” the next day. Couldn’t even swallow the saliva my mouth made (very long night).

    Basically they put a camera down your throat and check your esophagus / stomach lining. Like a colonoscopy for your mouth (can’t remember the technical name). They might be able to check another way based just on symptoms.

    I think the technical term is called “angina”.

    My issue first popped up when I was... 26? Hadn’t really noticed anything before then so I’m not sure if it randomly comes on or if me getting older made the symptoms more noticeable. A year earlier I thought I was having a heart attack dead center of my chest and that’s when I first heard the time “angina” and then the next year was the food jamming in my throat issue.
  2. GrantCloud


    My biggest gripe with getting older? Becoming lactose intolerant.
  3. ncarrab


    Has it been an issue every time you eat? Or does it just happen randomly? I can’t really put a thumb on why it’s happened to me the times it has. Just seems like a completely random occurrence, which makes it all the more scarier.
  4. ncarrab


    As I’ve gotten older, my body is definitely breaking down. I mentioned going to the gym 3x a week. I don’t lift anymore, I strictly play 5 on 5 full court basketball. Been doing that 3x a week, every week going on 8 straight years now. It’s great conditioning as I typically get in anywhere between 5-8 miles each time and all the cutting, twisting, sprinting, turning, jumping alone is a pretty good workout but ever since I turned 31 (33 now) I’m in constant pain afterward. I’ve actually developed Morton’s Nueroma in my left foot, ankle tendinitis in my left foot and I’ve had ‘jumpers knee’ in my right knee for past year. Pretty sure I have elbow tendinitis as well.

    Getting old blows.
  5. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    no, definitely not every time. sometimes i get the feeling once a week, sometimes once a day for a few days straight, sometimes i go weeks without feeling it and forget i even have the problem.

    hard to put an explanation on why and how but from what i've learned over the years:

    - sometimes in the morning for breakfast (regardless of what i eat), mainly because i sleep on my stomach so stomach acids are closer to my esophagus / in my esophagus

    - the speed of eating is the big killer. eating too fast doesn't allow time for things to digest and add in the harder esophagus and it's a bad combo

    - Orange Juice definitely seems to be a food / beverage that almost always triggers it. i now have to take a drink of water in between each drink of OJ

    - to go along with speed, starches are a big proponent to feeling like i'm suffocating. i love fries and potato items, so if i'm eating those, and eating faster than i should be, i suddenly have a bowling ball in my chest that won't move for several hours. those fucking delicious rolls at Texas Roadhouse? yeah, i almost died on those. was legit turning a shade of purple as i tried to suck down what was stuck in my chest, sweating heavily. that sucked. i'm guessing because bread is denser and expands it's a bad combo, for me at least.

    - rarely spicy food oddly enough. i can have Taco Bell with hot sauce or some other spicier dish and be perfectly fine most of the time.

    - chicken, depending on how it's prepared. oddly enough i have the most issues with shredded chicken, which you think would be easier than like a chicken tender that you have to chew, but with shredded chicken it tends to clump together more)

    - i don't drink alcohol a lot but that doesn't seem to cause much issue

    - diet soda (usually have 1 a day during lunch) can sometimes cause issues - pretty much anything carbonated can sometimes be an issue

    - sodium is a big negative. like, Ramen noodles have a lot of sodium in it (i think most breads do to, which would add to that) so that becomes like a clash of two burning, bubbling monsters meeting in my chest
  6. ncarrab


    Very interesting.

    I sleep on my stomach too, almost always. But I rarely eat breakfast, maybe once a week at most. Now that I think of it, when I was teen, if pop was the first thing I put in my body for the day, I’d get a crazy stomach burn for 10-15 minutes. That stopped in my 20s, mostly because I quit drinking pop about 9-10 years ago. Still, that burning feeling was nothing to what I experienced last night.

    Eating fast has always been an issue for me. But still bizarre to me that it happens randomly when I typically eat fast. I do need to learn to slow down. I try not to eat much during the day so by the time it’s dinner, I’m so hungry that I inhale my food.

    I’m allergic to oranges so the OJ thing isn’t applicable. I’ve heard OJ have that affect on others though.

    The first time this happened to me I was eating crazy hot spicy mustard with my Chinese but since then, I don’t recall eating anything spicy when this occurred. In fact, almost all my meals I make or eat are spicy. Even today I had buffalo chicken dip and shrimp with cocktail sauce with extra horseradish sauce and didn’t feel anything.

    Thanks for your feedback. It has helped. I look forward to talking to my dr about it.
  7. dylan

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    So @thesoftskeleton got a fitbit (might exchange it for an apple watch if I can convince her) and we found an app where we can create challenges for each other for most number of steps or distance or move streaks within a certain time. It works for almost all fitness devices and allows manual entry. We can restrict it to a private contest so only people that get an invite can join.

    I've also found a more feature-full app that's more designed for corporate wellness challenges, but allows individual and friends/families to use it for free. It has an online portal, works with almost all fitness devices (apple, android, samsung, windows, garmin, fitbit, etc) and also allows manual entry. We can create challenges for steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and total active time. we can set a custom portal so only chorus members can join for free.

    Are people still interested in doing health/fitness challenges in 2019 that @Garrett L. metioned earlier and if so which would you prefer to do? Let me know as soon as possible (i think for both people can join after the start date if you don't see this in time) so we can get it going before new years.
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  8. Garrett L.

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    I’ve got an Apple Watch and I’m definitely interested in something @dylan works been crazy so I’ve not been able to look into this as much as I would’ve liked
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  9. dylan

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    no worries! I think either one is fine depending on what people wanna do if just steps are fine or if they wanna have the option to do different types of challenges each month. I know so far me, kaitie, and it sounds like you are into it so I'm up for either option.

    I did some research on the one that has more options and the portal (inKin) and it looks like it has some bad reviews, but mostly people talking about the corporate challenges and customer support, so if it's just a small group of us it should be fine. If we decide to do this and get more people, we can create a separate thread so we can keep up with the group and current challenges for the month, reminders, and if new people wanna join they can ask there.
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  10. spiffa0


    You can make groups in the Fitbit app and I think compete in challenges with Fitbit friends
  11. dylan

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    Yeah but the fitbit app doesn't let you use the apple watch to compete in challenges and to get a workaround you have to buy an app or two, these other two apps allow all the different fitness trackers and mobile OS's to compete with each other.
  12. spiffa0


    Gotcha, not familiar with the Apple watch.
  13. RJ Knorr

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    I’m still interested @dylan

    FWIW the more feature-full app sounds pretty good to me
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  14. Kiana

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    Just when I felt like I was getting bored chip bowl bedtime I got sick <-- what my voice text interprets my sick voice

    Anyway yeah I gained gym momentum for a hot second but now I'm sick so ooop
  15. dylan

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    Cool, I'll probably start a new thread then specifically to run and keep track of the challenges throughout the year and will @ you and the others who have said they were interested in it and we'll start Jan 1.
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  16. personalmaps

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    I’m doing Yoga with Adriene’s New 30 day series for January if anyone is interested! I wrote out the calendar in my planner and it looks like all the videos are between 15-50 minutes, with most being 20-30. I really like Adriene because she offers a lot of modifications and is just very friendly and likeable in her videos.

    I added THIS video for tomorrow (to represent the energy I want to bring into the new year) and THIS video for January 31st (to represent the energy I want to have for the rest of 2019).
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  17. himynameisiain

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    Totally interested in your thoughts of the Adriene yoga app and how you get on. Someone in my work has mentioned it before and I always meant to try it.

    I have been struggling to sleep the past few weeks. I have tried smashing the gym to tire me out, reading for a while, and coming off computer/tv before bed. I tried the headspace app and the trial for sleeping. I fell asleep pretty quick after it.
  18. personalmaps

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    So I actually don’t use the app! I didn’t realize there was one, whoops. I usually just follow along vaguely through her monthly YouTube playlists and substitute in different videos if I’m not feeling the one for the day. Usually I’ll write the video name / time stamp in my planner so that I can feel accomplished crossing it off. She has so many videos though, you could make your own playlist from whatever kind you like best- gentle, short, more workout focused, more meditative, etc.
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  19. Garrett L.

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    I’m about to go in for my body scan and I’m suddenly nervous. But it’s also about to get so intense in the gym and I’m excited.
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  20. himynameisiain

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    Perhaps off topic, I found my perfect Gym/Sports top. Nike 'Breathe Tailwind' short sleeve (Pictured below, grey is darker in real life) a few weeks ago. The top is just fantastic, good fit /doesnt feel like your over-heating from the top during a workout/ never feels like t shirt clinging to you if sweating. Ended up spotting it again in a nike outlet for £7.50! Snagged a couple as i tend to find something I like and then never able to find it again!

  21. Garrett L.

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    All excitement has been replaced with fear and determination. I thought I was gonna die yesterday.

    And my body fat scan is terrifying.
  22. ncarrab


    For Christmas, my wife bought me a scale that (allegedly) measures body fat%, Bone density, water weight and muscle mass.

    Did my first weighing on it yesterday and everything appeared pretty normal except I apparently have slightly high bone density? I was an 8.6 and anything higher than 8.3 was considered high for my height/weight/age. Not even really sure what that means.
  23. colorlesscliche

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    How can it tell that stuff?
  24. ncarrab


    Good question. You can set up to 8 users. When you set up a user you put in your height, age, male or female and then I guess based off your weight/height calculations it can determine the other stuff? I don't know. I'm sure it's not 100%.

    I read the manual for a little bit. It also includes charts on what that stuff should be, or what is considered high or low for each.
  25. dylan

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    You have to step on them barefoot because they use a an electric current that shoots up one leg and through your body and down through the other and it calculates those stats based on the resistance the current experiences at its travels. It's not 100% accurate and certain scales over and under estimate. Even the best ones can be off by ~20% compared to a bodypod or water displacement test or DEXA scans.