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Hayley Williams Talks With WMagazine

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 11, 2020.

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    Hayley Williams talked with WMagazine after performing at New Work Fashion Week:

    The ethos I think is summed up best in the title. Even if you just look at the words, ‘Petals’ and ‘Armor’ are so opposite from each other. For me, the mantra of fighting through life with a new sense of vulnerability is really important. But I think being soft like that, in my experience, requires me to be very realistic about things and find time to still hope. I think it’s been interesting going through therapy and learning a lot of things about myself and why my coping mechanisms are what they are, and all that. I just am drawn to dark narratives. I tend to cock my head and not really trust if things have this veneer. I like to earn things and I also like to know that what’s on the front of something isn’t all; I want to know that there’s stuff underneath there to dig into. Petals for Armor has a bit of all of it. There’s self deprecation, which I’m very good at. There’s also defiant angst and rage, but as it moves on it gets lighter. A bunch of real life shit.

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    I just had a moment of ... oh damn! ... when realizing that petals ARE actually armor for a flower. *mind explosion*

    it’s cool seeing her be candid about the things she’s working through. Simmer is such a good jam, just wish some of the more ‘eclectic’ songs were resonating with me the same.