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Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert Release Joint Statement

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert have released a joint statement announcing they are “splitting up” on Instagram.

  2. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    I usually couldn't care less about the celebrity dating stuff but this one has got me depressed.
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  3. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    She was very young when they got together so I can't imagine how hard this is for her. Hope she's happy and well just chilling and sipping on some Lemonade or smthg
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  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    She was like 18 and he was like 26 when they got together so I have mixed feelings

    Also obligatory he picked his friends over her
  5. ale5875


    More like he picked her friends over her.
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  6. Chris Lei


    couldn't be happier for hayley getting out of this relationship. with the behind the brand interview, beats one interview, and the recent fader article, i hope we start to see a happier and healthy hayley.
  7. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I just hope this allows her to better heal emotionally.
  8. Chris Lei


    i see what you did there
  9. ARo24


    Dam that's a bummer. They seemed perfect together.
  10. CMilliken


    Was actually wondering about these guys the other day. Bummer. Not sure what happened but gotta do what's best for them.
  11. I echo the hopes that Hayley's happiness improves after this, although I do hope it wasn't a huge cause of it in the first place.

    EDIT: Also just wanted to say that my heart goes out to both of them, not just Hayley, but her pain was fresh on my mind from After Laughter.
  12. Never have the words in times like this. I know when I've gone through similar in the past, words from people don't really help anyway, and all I ever really wanted was a knowing head nod. Just a "yep, you're in my thoughts" move.

    So, *head nod.*
  13. Kiana Jul 1, 2017
    (Last edited: Jul 1, 2017)

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    There was def a power imbalance with their ages
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  14. DarkHotline

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    Splits are never easy, no matter how much time is shared.
  15. xthisislove


    Not to stir the pot but weren't all the rumors back when they started dating that he was cheating or left his then wife for her? Doesn't have the best track record with marriages
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  16. degausser


    You are correct. He was married to Sherri DuPree of Eisley, met Hayley on Warped the summer they got married, then divorced Sherri later that year.

    I have to say - I have a lot of empathy for Hayley. No one wants to be pitied but that Fader interview was so cathartic. I hope the best for her.
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  17. Fletchaaa

    Trusted Supporter

    At least that also resulted in Sherri getting together with Max Bemis and them having the cutest family ever
  18. AllenRicketts


    Or you could not take agency away from an adult. That's not at all condescending and diminutive.
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  19. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    I don't know what their relationship was like. But when one is barely an adult and the other is nearly ten years older, espesh when the older one is a man, it changes the dynamic.
  20. gbuffers


    Sad news. I had a feeling this was coming in recent weeks following both of them but a marriage breaking up is generally always deeply saddening. There was also a time when they were both seemingly very happy and hopefully the break up will mean they both go on to have healthier, happier lives.

    Both cool people, together and apart.
  21. gbuffers


    As you admittedly don't know what their relationship was like surely that means it POTENTIALLY changes the dynamic?

    I don't think needless speculation helps anyone. It's a sad situation.
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  22. JM95



    But when they've been together for ten years after that and then split without revealing their reasons, it's inappropriate to start making comments about power imbalances.
  23. Kiana Jul 1, 2017
    (Last edited: Jul 1, 2017)

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    I guess I don't see power that way. To me that dynamic is always off in that situation. Doesn't mean they weren't happy or whatever, or that I see Hayley as some sort of helpless victim
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  24. gbuffers


    No worries. Very difficult not to project things onto others' relationships and to think otherwise, I suppose, if your view is formed from personal experience.
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  25. Brent

    Trusted Prestigious

    Welcome to the (soon to be) divorced club, Hayley. It gets better.
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