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Happy Paramore Day

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Paramore have released a video for their new single “Hard Times.” They’ve also announced that their new album, After Laughter, will be out on May 12th. Pre-orders are now up and the track listing and album artwork can be found below. The band also sat down with The New York Times for a really fascinating interview:

    “You can run on the fumes of being a teenager for as long as you want, but eventually life hits you really hard,” Ms. Williams, a mighty presence who barely cracks five feet, explained last month, speaking for the first time about the tumultuous period since Paramore last released an album, in 2013. “I didn’t even know if we were going to make another record,” she said. “There was a moment when I didn’t even want it to happen. Then it was like, I want it to happen, but I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”

    I’ll say this: The band couldn’t have written an album more in my wheelhouse for my current musical tastes. I like it a lot.

    Track Listing

    1. Hard Times
    2. Rose-Colored Boy
    3. Told You So
    4. Forgiveness
    5. Fake Happy
    6. 26
    7. Pool
    8. Grudges
    9. Caught In The Middle
    10. Idle Worship
    11. No Friend
    12. Tell Me How


    The high-resolution version can be downloaded here.

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  2. The article says the '80s throwback sound has not been tried by a band... do they not know about The 1975? Also that new Acceptance record.
  3. tyramail

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    Wish this was available on vinyl!

    Super stoked, I dig the new song. Even though they hate Portland, hopefully they'll make a stop here.
  4. Arry

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    i remember someone mentioning a tour, have they released dates yet? because i am ready. my body is ready.
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  5. artbynickferran

    Cool song, cool video, cool aesthetics. Cool.
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  6. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    My most anticipated of this year. This took about 3 listens to grow on me and now I can't get it out of my head.

    UK/Euro tour in June has been announced.
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  7. The lack of vinyl is weird, but I'd wager it has to do with production times (they don't know when it will be available yet).

    Also, the song rips. I'm a little tired of the '80s sound still coming back, but Paramore puts their own spin on it and it's pretty enjoyable. The chorus could be a little bigger for my tastes, but I'm sure the record as a whole is going to be really great. I'm excited!
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  8. SmithBerryCrunch

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  9. BackyardHero11


    that was pretty rad. I haven't had much interest in them in a while, but count me in for this release
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  10. noKings


    old schooooool dope
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  11. Totally unexpected kickflip by Paramore - really dig it!
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  12. miltownrob

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    thanks for not letting me down with that youtube clip
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  13. bodkins


    I'm really glad to hear this.
  14. My thoughts exactly. There are plenty of examples, but I guess they were referring to an artist being extremely successful with the 80s throwback sound. The 1975 didn't really break into U.S. radio.
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  15. Chris Lei


    for those asking about the vinyl, if you check in their store, there is content stating that the vinyl will be available in the summer.
  16. tyramail

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    Thanks! I didn't see that!
  17. ramres

    Next Show: Wasia Project -- 5/11

    Love this, so stoked for them. That NYT article had some great insight that hopefully we'll see more of during the Zane Lowe interview tomorrow.
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  18. Matt504

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    This sounds like Bad Suns with female vocals, I love it!!!!!
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  19. MattNCheeze


    Whose in this band currently?
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  20. bodkins


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  21. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Great interview. It amazes me to hear the way Hayley speaks in interviews now, as opposed to 10-12 years ago. It's unreal to consider that when Misery Business was released, we all freaked out because she said "whore." xD

    Hayley and I are only 25 days apart in age, and I got into them when I was 16. I have always felt extremely close to the lyrics Hayley writes, as I feel like we hit a lot of the same road blocks (emotionally speaking) and at similar points in our lives.

    “I can’t think of getting old/it only makes me want to die." Damn. I'm so excited to hear what this next album brings. Having Zac back on the drums gets me pretty amped as well!
  22. That's fair. Still, if that's really what they meant they could have been clearer. The paragraph isn't even really that necessary in the article.

    Okay I'm getting way too nitpick-y so I'm going to resume being really excited about new Paramore.
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  23. AlwaysEvolving21

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    Fast Times At Paramore High