Happy Death Day 2U (February 14, 2019) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by OhTheWater, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. OhTheWater

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    This actually looks pretty good.
  2. chewbacca110

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    I'm down for that. Looks fun.
  3. TedSchmosby


    I'm not going to watch the trailer, but the premise sounds really fun. Wikipedia categorizes it as a slasher. It's been too long since I saw a slasher on the big screen, so I'm excited. The director has a bit of a scattered track record, but nothing I've seen him do has been bad
  4. airik625

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    looks like my kind of movie.
  5. ChrisCantWrite

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    This looks awesome.
  6. TedSchmosby


    MPAA Ratings Updates

    Looks like this is rated PG-13. Hmm. Not sure how that'll fare for the quality of thw film if they're going for a straightforward slasher. The Final Girls was PG-13 for example and was great but that was because it was it was a satire with emotional weight. I haven't seen the trailee for this so I'm not sure if they're going for a bit of a comedic twist too
  7. Joel

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    Ay, teen horror shouldn't be discredited as long as you know going into it what to expect
  8. OhTheWater

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    Seeing ads everywhere
  9. Dog with a Blog

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    It makes sense from an economical standpoint tbh. That pg-13 rating will bring in so much more money, but I really wish it was R
  10. OhTheWater

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    Mixed reviews like I expected but I'm still excited to see this
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  11. Yeah this does look like it could be fun to watch. Since IT came out a little too early it'll be nice to have something like this around Halloween to go see

    Early guess is that it's the sister
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  12. OhTheWater

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  13. Shrek

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    yep, looks like a nice little halloween flick. my theater backlog is running pretty high though, need to put a dent in it
  14. suicidesaints

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    May check this out now that I have my MoviePass.
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  15. Joel

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    probably gonna check this out tomorrow afternoon before all the kiddies get out of school
  16. bradsonemanband

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    I'm gonna probably check this out this weekend. Is it actually any good though?
  17. Doomsday

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    Might see this tonight out of boredom. Looks like a fun watch
  18. joe.boy.fresh.


    Got tickets for 9pm tonight. Should be a good time.
  19. trevorshmevor Oct 13, 2017
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    Seeing this tonight too. Hope I don't wind up wishing I'd stayed home to watch Mindhunter instead lol
  20. Welp thought I could beat the teenage crowd by catching an earlier showing of this and totally fucked myself

    I forgot all about the pre-teen crowd
  21. This was just a dumb, fun movie. Obviously extremely cheesy, covers pretty much every stupidly frustrating character and plot flaw in a teen-aimed slasher movie, but as long as you don't overthink it or expect it to be anything more than it is, you'll enjoy it
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  22. stayillogical

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    So much fun. It's obviously not to be taken seriously. I think the lead girl did an amazing job. She was very cool and reminded me of Emma Stone in Easy A.
  23. supernovagirl

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    I want to see this! I love slashers and the groundhogs day theme of it all
  24. TedSchmosby


    I missed the first 20 minutes when I saw this, so for once I'm thankful for having seen a trailer beforehand, but it was fun, like everyone's been saying. It would have been tough to do a movie with a heavy concept straight faced (Friend Request gahh) so even though I was first interested in this because I thought it was just a horror film I'm thankful with what we got
  25. stayillogical

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    Did no one watch this?