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Hands Like Houses – “Space” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 16, 2020.

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  2. One of the more unfortunate post-hardcore-to-pop transformations. Dissonants was one of my favorite albums from 2016, but everything since has been a boring betrayals of the band's strengths. Nevertheless, they'll always have my attention, so I'll try to refrain from judging too harshly until I hear the full album.
  3. WasteSomeTime


    When this band first came out I loved their sound but for some reason they never got fully into my rotation and still haven't but every time they released new music I found myself revisiting them and liking them a little less which is to bad. I hoped their last record would get me hooked and listened to it on the ride home from a road trip and don't think I finished the record.
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  4. Completely anonymous and generic to the core. They've beaten Mallory Knox for the most unsuccessful attempt at switching to a pop rock or rock'n'roll sound.
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  5. SuNDaYSTaR


    I'd probably be into this if I hadn't heard that song thousands of times before.
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  6. JamesMichael

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    The first two albums were killer (although the first hasn’t aged well) and their cover of Torn was dope. Everything after that has been massively hit or miss for me.
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  7. Bartek T.

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    I think it's not any less generic than anything else I've heard by them so far, but at the same time it's really good, like for some new fans, for people that would just get into that kind of music etc., for me it's like yeah I can appreciate the work, it sounds proper and well-produced, might be succesful - but I probably won't find myself listening to it much.
  8. trevorshmevor

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    Still here for Unimagine and the Reimagine EP, but yeah it’s been forever since this band’s done anything for me. This song feels like it needed a while longer in the oven, really bland instrumentation and lack of a hook at all