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Hamilton (Broadway Musical) • Page 6

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Craig Ismaili, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. gothamite431


    hey, if you can't afford a ticket to Hamilton (neither can I! ) check out my Ohio high school alma mater's Hamilton medley from last spring (starts at about 1:35). It was better than I expected--lol (just wish the technical recording could have been more professional. but hey, it's a small town )

  2. AlexanderHamilton


    Check ticket Price here -
  3. tucah

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    Seeing it tonight, so so so excited!
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  4. TheFarmer Jun 2, 2018
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    “Punched” (aka “The Bursar’s Song”)

    To be sung to the tune of “Burn,” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical “Hamilton.”


    I saved every receipt you gave me

    From the moment I got them

    Those ledgers were mine

    Supposed to be mine

    I thought they were mine

    Did you know our Comptroller said,

    as we saw your first letter arrive...

    He said:

    “Be careful with that one, Ma’am

    He will punch to get out of a bill.”

    You and your debts flooded my senses

    Your garnishments left me defenseless

    You built me palaces out of student loans

    You built foreclosures

    I’m re-reading the statements you wrote me

    I’m searching and scanning for answers

    In every line

    For some kind of sign

    Your accounts were fine

    But then I got



    I told you, you were in arrears

    You ignored me for two whole months

    And applied for more debt

    In getting credit, you have wasted my time

    Do you know what Experian said

    When they saw what you’d done?

    They said

    “You have married an Icarus

    He has flown too close to the sun.”

    You and your debts, obsessed with punching me...

    Your bank statements border on senseless

    And you are paranoid in every disclosure

    How FICO sees you

    You, you, you…

    I was never a part of this narrative

    Let future music critics wonder how Lin-Manuel

    Made me Hamilton’s punch target

    Only because of his debts

    I am just fine to


    Bursars get punched

    But students shouldn’t punch me

    Alexander shouldn’t punch me

    Getting punched hurts me in the head

    I’m burning all your food stamps

    Burning the food stamps that might have just fed you

    You forfeit all rights to punch me

    You forfeit all hitting my head

    Try to punch Jefferson instead

    With only the memories

    Before I got punched

    I hope you get punched
  5. TheFarmer


    Bursars: We get the job done.
  6. Ken

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    I'm buying Broadway tickets for Christmas. For those who have seen this--if I can afford the tickets, is there any doubt about which broadway show I should buy tickets for? Hamilton, right? Should I even consider something else?
  7. spiffa0

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    Hamilton was so good but I've only ever seen Hamilton and Book of Mormon. I'd recommend either.
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  8. ChaseTx

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    Hamilton is the only play I'm remotely familiar with

    so yes
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  9. Ken Nov 13, 2018
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    I'll be back before you know I'm gone Prestigious

    I'm going!
  10. Not at all big into Broadway or musicals or theater, or even hip-hop. Glee was a guilty pleasure solely because of its renditions of pop songs, stuff like the Les Miserables movie and La La Land are memorable more for their acting performances and visuals than any of the songs by themselves, and I wasn't particularly blown away by any LA Opera or college campus theater experiences.

    My friend, on the other hand, loves musical theater, and reblogs Hamilton (and Les Miserables) stuff on her Tumblr all the time. I'd seen the performances of this from the Tony's and the White House before, but that's about it. Then I bought it over Black Friday on a whim and listened to it for the first time and wow. Act I got me so pumped. Then Act II almost made me cry--multiple times. This isn't overhyped in the slightest, it truly is something special.
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  11. Just stumbled upon this (from April of last year, so super-late-pass) :

    From this video--and the cast lists on Wiki--it looks like most of the people who've played Eliza are of Asian descent. I mean, the diversity in general has been amazing throughout all the productions, but knowing this just makes me like Eliza that much more than I already do.

    Also, ^ the video is great, and I think this early version of the song is a stronger portrayal of Eliza than what ended up becoming "Burn."
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  12. ChaseTx

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    I saw it last night and it was amazing. Everyone was great, the actors playing Hamilton and Eliza were both standbys or whatever you call it but they were very good. Also Mulligan/Madison were great, that's guy is such a good physical actor. I didn't even know Madison was supposed to be funny just from listening to the soundtrack
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  13. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    yay glad you got to see it, I was wondering if you made it
    and the word is understudy for the future
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  14. ChaseTx

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    my brother told me standby, but the playbill says both

    We waited in the cancellation line (well my parents did mostly) but the line didn't even get that long and I think most of the people in line got in
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  15. xkaylinh Jan 7, 2019
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    Been looking into animatics for songs as well as audio of performances from different productions. Lots of cool stuff out there on YouTube.

    Don't want to clutter the thread with vid embeds (@Jason Tate how do I link to YT vids w/o it automatically embedding? thanks!), so if you're interested, look these up, here's some of my favs so far.

    Satisfied, drawn by Szin
    First Burn, drawn by Emirichu
    The World Was Wide Enough, drawn by Allison Coon

    Helpless, Julia K. Harriman as Eliza
    Satisfied, Rachel John as AngelicaX-(
    Burn, Rachelle Ann Go as Eliza:-O

    ...Yeah, kinda been on a Schuyler Sisters kick lately.

    Satisfied, Julia K. Harriman as Angelica
    I found this on YouTube but the ending was cut. I then found the full song on Tumblr and :verysad:

    Gah, I'm so obsessed with this song. Here's some covers.
    Satisfied, Alysha Deslorieux as Angelica
    Satisfied, Nora Schell as Angelica
    Satisfied, Lillian Andrea De Leon as Angelica
    Satisfied, Zuri Terrell as Angelica

    Found a couple of nice solo covers of First burn, one with a whole lot of feeling, and one with a little less that's still very good.
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  16. You can select a word and use the link button on the tool bar.
  17. WhaleCarcass


    I get to go see it in March and I'm psyched. It won't be OBC, but still.
  18. Clipboard01.jpg
    Daveed Diggs spotted. (I've watched this trailer like a dozen times and whenever his name popped up in the credits I was like, Wait where? so I looked up a pic on IMDb and then watched the video again to find it haha. Also noticed he's in a few shots about nine seconds later.)
  19. ChaseTx

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    I definitely caught him before his name came up

    He was in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too
  20. Me, after listening to Hamilton for two weeks straight: wow, this has so many... uh... things that repeat... what's that word again? Wow, what a great brain fart Mr. I-have-a-degree-in-English.

    Me, on YouTube two weeks later: Oh yeah, that's the word!

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  21. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  22. Ken

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    This is the greatest Broadway play I’ve ever seen. What a masterpiece.
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  23. seeing this in Philly tonighttttttt
  24. oh i cried
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  25. OhTheWater

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    Philly show was very good
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