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  1. ChaseTx

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    The dad was great!
  2. yung_ting Oct 29, 2018
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    I got peanut butter on my penis, isn't that funny my teenage daughter
  3. jkauf

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    Seriously, why couldn’t they take that line out? Ugh.
  4. Zilla


    Let’s not complain about the penis line when they have an entire lengthy conversation about two cops’ lunch.
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  5. ChaseTx

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    All of this stuff was funny
  6. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Man, y’all are picky as hell. It’s a cheesy slasher movie, not high art.
  7. ChaseTx

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    Putting it that way kind of deflects criticism, which I don't agree with, but still. The humor was something that contributed a lot to the characters and the movie as a whole. What we don't need is a another rote formulaic slasher

    It was weird that after the dad got killed nobody acknowledged or mentioned him again
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  8. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Spoiler: Michael Myers stunt performers prefer their own films

  9. yung_ting


    I liked the humor and thought the banh mi bit was fun, I'm just saying the one line was unfunny and especially odd
  10. Brother Beck

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    This was a good movie. Real thought and effort and respect went into it and you can tell, which I honestly think is more than you can say about a lot of movies in this genre. It got a lot of points from me for that, and for having Jamie Lee Curtis as one of the leads.

    I'd give it a solid B+, but I can't lie, with the pedigree and talent involved, I was honestly hoping for more. I was hoping for an A or an A+, if not a modern classic.

    In my opinion, it was edited a little bit too tightly and needed slightly more room to breathe, but not much. Not so much more scenes per se, but - with a few awesome exceptions - the shots themselves should've had a little more room to play out.

    For the most part I loved the humor and thought it was really well done. The 'peanut butter on my penis' line wasn't funny and was weird only because the dude was fully clothed standing in his kitchen in front of his daughter and it didn't really make sense that he would say that. That was literally the only 'funny' line that I even thought about versus laughed at, so literally all the other humor worked for me and felt natural and just funny. I think my favorite line from the whole movie was the kid saying "they fed me guac in sexy ways" or whatever the hell it was. I died laughing at that.

    Two things that bothered me a lot though:

    1) The doctor in charge of Michael's treatment allowing some rando visitor to bring that mask into the hospital and start waving it around trying to provoke a reaction. Very stupid. Would never happen. Too stupid even by slasher movie logic. Also totally tipped their hand as to how he was going to be later on, but he would have gotten shitcanned for that stunt right there and wouldn't be working there any more.

    2) Laurie Strode - the way she is presented in this movie - would not have taken the rifle upstairs from the basement to confront Michael, she would've taken the shotgun. It just would not have happened.
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  11. flask


    This is the last time I read discussion for a horror movie.
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  12. TedSchmosby


    Haha what?
  13. currytheword Oct 29, 2018
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    Well after his wife called out for him and heard nothing, we don’t hear the family speak together at all until Laurie begins to explain to her daughter the basement is a trap and it cuts off. I believe that's really the last of the dialogue except for Laurie's big line and Karen acting scared.
  14. Brother Beck

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    Yeah, what do you mean? This is a great discussion.
  15. Doomsday

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  16. SteveLikesMusic

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    I love “The Shape Burns” so much.

    Def listening to a lot of spooky scores today.
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  17. johnnyferris

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    I really enjoyed the movie tonight and I can certainly see it being my second favorite in the series, which is certainly not saying much but you get the point. Score was excellent of course.

    I liked the characters for the most part, but that "peanut butter on my penis" was so over the top bad that I wanted the dad dead immediately.

    The kid getting babysat was my favorite. Hopefully he made it out okay.
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  18. nohandstoholdonto

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    Halloween (1978)
    Both H2’s are basically tied
    Halloween (2018)
    Halloween (2007)

    The rest
  19. BackyardHero11


    thought this was great. the humor worked well, I didn't laugh at the penis joke, but whatever haha, everything else felt natural. the doctor twist was clunky and thought the movie lost its way a little there but it gets back on track. turning all the sequels into Tales from the Midnight Society essentially is genius because it fixes the mess that is Halloween continuity and it allows you to enjoy them all for what they are.

    the score was magnificent, holy smokes. Jamie Lee Curtis killed it. the cinematography was excellent. loved the nods to the original films shots. they didn't feel forced like look here's that shot from the original. I had a whole imax theatre to myself in the middle of the afternoon, I audibly cheered at "Happy Halloween Michael". definitely going to see this again.
  20. Groogz

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    As far as the doctor is concerned, I feel that it was in line with his character because he wanted to know as much about Michael as possible. So if the mask could trigger any kind of reaction at all, the doctor would love to see what it was. As far as the facility itself, yeah that doesn't make as much sense. Maybe they were more lenient since they knew he'd be moved any day now anyway?:shrug:
  21. Kuri44


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  22. SteveLikesMusic

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  23. zachmacD Nov 4, 2018
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    I'm torn. I liked parts of this movie a lot but some parts just annoyed me. I thought the subplot about the boyfriend was stupid and went nowhere. If anyone deserved to die in this movie, it was him.

    I thought the twist with the doctor was unnecessary as well, but that kill was great.

    Lastly, I was hoping they were going to kill off Michael once and for all but of course they left it open ended which is what I was expecting, but that kind of took me out of the movie. Throughout the whole thing I was thinking "yeah, all of this action and closure is great but he's just going to live anyway"

    I enjoyed seeing this movie for $15 but I don't think this lived up to the hype.
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  24. secretsociety92

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    Liked it a fair bit to be honest, kept enough of the original while moving it forward enough to not feel like a complete rehash. Not the best horror film from this year but I can imagine there is far worse that I haven't seen.
  25. currytheword


    I enjoyed it on a second viewing much more. Paid a lot more attention to the doctor and to scenes people talked through the first time.
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