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Haley Williams Talks with Entertainment Weekly

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 15, 2017.

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    Entertainment Weekly sat down with Hayley Williams of Paramore to talk about the new album:

    There were many talks over coffee with [bandmate Taylor York]. We thought, “Maybe we should start something new.” But Taylor said to me, “If we start another band and people call it Paramore, you’re gonna be so mad. So you might as well just be Paramore.” I actually think I could have been happy if we kept creating together and never put out a record, but the fact that we created an album and people can hear it — I’m still pinching myself.

  2. carrytheweird

    I think she looks better than ever with her current hair color and style. Wouldn't be mad if she didn't go back to neon!

    Everything else: Great album for the umpteenth time.
  3. mattylikesfilms


    There's a couple songs I dig off After Laughter but so far it doesn't really meet the bar set by S/T or Brand New Eyes IMO.
  4. skogsraet

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    The typo in the headline is bothering me too much :/