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    That's actually something I have never thought about. It's not a word I use but it's always good to know these kind of things. Thanks for the information!
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    Post Malone is huge, though. Every song on Beerbongs & Bentleys is on the radio right now. I'd expect him to make hella money at festivals.

    This reminded me a bit of Cardi B's scenario at Coachella. Back in September, they booked her for $140,000 ($70,000 per weekend), which is CRIMINALLY low considering how popular she is now. I'm surprised she couldn't try to get an increase in pay.
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    Yeah Paramore put on a fantastic set. People weren't happy because they weren't nostalgia baiting

    Same problem people had with Bon Iver (which was by far my favorite performance of the weekend)
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