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HAIM Fire Their Booking Agent • Page 7

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. mattfreaksmeout

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    I've never seen more flip flopping in a thread before and people blatantly stating something, getting called out, then trying to pretend it's not what they said.

    Also I am very very glad that I didn't really visit music sites or anything to read about all this when I was listening to these bands. I was all into Panic, FOB, Paramore, The Academy Is, Mayday Parade, This Providence, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, etc. etc. I would've probably been bullied out of loving those bands. Instead I was the one telling other people they listened to crappy music lol
  2. Let's do this one more time: Everyone knew bands that signed to FBR were signing upstream deals with major labels. We knew it with Fall Out Boy, we knew it with Paramore. It was in the NEW YORK TIMES:
    “If we weren’t so mono-focused on the selling of recorded music, we could actually take a really holistic approach to the development of an artist brand,” said Craig Kallman, chairman of Atlantic Records, which signed Paramore, along with Fueled By Ramen Records. “What’s the healthiest decision to be made, not just to sell the CD but to build the artist’s fan base?” [...]

    A somewhat similar blueprint emerged in 2005 when Atlantic and a small partner, the Florida company Fueled By Ramen, signed Paramore with plans to build a brand-name rock band, one that now not only racks up sold-out shows but sells merchandise from flip-flops to tube tops. The band members, who were mostly teenagers when they signed, felt drawn to a comprehensive approach that allowed for slower growth, Ms. Williams said during a recent chat on the band’s tour bus.
    (This is my old co-worker writing this article.)

    This was known to everyone paying attention. Your statement "It wasn't assumed you were on a major if you were on FBR," is wrong. It was. We all knew this and I wrote about it thousands of times. Upstream/360/incubator deals were very popular and very talked about.
  3. TuneYouOut


    I know this whole thread is waaaay off point but this is why it's so great to hear Harry Styles be so damn respectful of his audience. That would've meant the world to me as a kid.
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  4. mercury

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    back in like middle/high school I fell suuuuper hard into that "I'm not like other girls, i'm the cool girl who listens to the cool music" mindset, and I really hated FBR/Paramore at that point for the sole reason that they were affiliated with Atlantic, it was absolutely public knowledge

    growing up is great, also so is Paramore
  5. ihaveblink


    That's not my statement. Where are you quoting me?
  6. mattfreaksmeout

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    I’m listening to my favorite industry plant Paramore now, so at least this thread was good for something.
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  7. quietwords

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    Can't wait to see plantamore next week
  8. ...
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  9. somethingwitty


    They were pretty disappointing at Bonnaroo this past weekend...however, The Regrettes fucking ruled...
  10. mattfreaksmeout

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    You don't like After Laughter do you
  11. ihaveblink


    "The management then decided to build our band up the grass-roots route. They put Hayley on Fueled by Ramen not making it known she was signed to Atlantic as well," he writes. "All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label.

    Paramore Split Gets Nasty: Josh Farro Calls Former Band 'A Manufactured Product'
  12. mattfreaksmeout

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    Ah yes, Josh Farro, definitely the one and only source to get the true version of events.
  13. ihaveblink


    Yeah I stand by that. In 2003, nobody thought FBR = Major Label. by 2007, like your posted news report, pretty open about it.
  14. ihaveblink


    He was there....
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  15. Phil507

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    Ugh, I thought (and still do) Forever The Sickest Kids were HORRIBLE, hated that fucking band.
  16. I like how you've slowly moved this back, and back, and back, and now it's to before Fall Out Boy signed with the label and not where you started:

    2006 is over a decade ago, so, yes, back in the day ... they were. (Paramore signed with FBR in 2005.)
  17. mattfreaksmeout

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    And was very bitter after their split and almost definitely distorted the truth to make himself sound like the victim. Not saying that everyone else in the band was faultless, but let's be honest that he probably wasn't either.
  18. So, in your version: in 2007 there's an article in the New York Times telling us something we all knew about (and I'd been writing about forever); however, somehow in 2010 when Josh Farro says this ... it was a big secret?
  19. ihaveblink


    Lol. Because I specifically mentioned FOB and Paramore as to what I was referring to in that statement. Just because FOB was on FBR in 2003, didn't mean they were automatically assumed to be on a major label at the time.
  20. I literally wrote the story they were on a major label upstream deal at the time.
  21. Sean Murphy

    you had me at meat tornado Supporter

    this thread is crazy
  22. ihaveblink


    Honestly I can't comment on what people found about his statements to be anything but old news.
    What did he do wrong?
  23. mattfreaksmeout

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    Idk I wasn't there, and neither were you. I'm just saying when things end in an explosive way, there is almost always multiple sides to this story and usually no party involved is completely faultless. That's just how life works. Honestly I don't even know where this conversation is going anymore or why I've stayed in it for so long (probably wouldn't have for any other band), so I'm going to bow out here.
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  24. Eclipse


    The theme of this thread can mostly be deduced to women telling their experiences and men saying it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t actually like that.

    Also I only really skimmed the topic of Paramore and I don’t know much about them behind the scenes but like, isn’t zac farrow who was involved in that original split back with them? Like clearly there is more to this story about the interpersonal relationship than we know. And I feel like so many of the opinions on Paramore and specifically Hayley are due to her being a young successful girl in music which is hard enough as it is, but being one in that specific alt rock scene of like panic/fob/mcr/TAI/cobra starship/etc. where she was pretty much the only prominent women and instead of admitting to discrediting them as a band bc a lot of the work is being created by a young successful women they have to come up with theories about how they actually didn’t do any hard work at all. But like, I’m gonna admit I’m rusty on a lot of this and even tho I haven’t kept up on interview sides of things lately and was really young when pre-2010 drama happened so correct me if I’m wrong.

    And similarly with Haim, people automatically assume they made some rash irresponsible decision as if there probably isn’t a background to this and as if they wouldn’t know muse would make more money as they were billed higher. Like they don’t have their own experience as well as their peers and coworkers experience to know something that simple lol but it’s easy to immediately jump to the women are irrational and emotional and can’t do their own business I guess
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  25. mattfreaksmeout

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    She's a Lady will always be a jam, but yea they're trash, and the singer is a trash person as well if I remember correctly