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Gym Class Heroes Playing Music and Wine Festival

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Kixur413


    Definitely miss me some GCH. Still never got to see them live. Hope some new stuff comes out in the future!
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  3. Behind the Barricade

    I saw them a few times and they were always solid! I'll see them again if they do decide to tour.
  4. aniafc


    What a strange show to GCH to return for
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  5. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    It's Train's cruise, and Train and GCH share management.
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  6. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    I remember I went to see them for a Myspace Secret Show in Pittsburgh but their drummer got arrested in Mexico so they played was pretty boring.

    Saw them full band a couple times and had a blast, don't think I'd be able to get into them anymore though
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  7. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Very glad I got to see this band live three times right after the Papercut Chronicles came out. They've never been the same in my opinion since.
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  8. therookielot

    Punk, Absolute Prestigious

    I saw them at Warped Tour Myspace Acoustic and it was solid af. Maybe they just weren't prepared or it was a longer set
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  9. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Wow! That's quite a surprise
  10. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Was wondering what happened to these guys the other day
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  11. Zilla

    Trusted Supporter

    Guys lost their touch in the studio after they hit it big, but were always a solid band. Hope they can come back and get back to their roots.
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  12. aniafc


    Oh shit, I didn't know that. Good call!
  13. fbrrocks


    I missed them only saw once with tsl the format and aar who was headliner
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  14. Brent

    Trusted Prestigious

    Years ago I was at a Finch show in SD with GCH opening. I was outside walking towards the venue when Travie was walking towards me, and he seriously thought I wanted a photo but I just shrugged him off. Funniest shit I've ever seen reaction wise from anyone, dude looked like I just ran over his puppy.

    Anyways, thought they were all doing regular jobs now.
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  15. Michael Qualiano


    lol at all of this
  16. mattylikesfilms


    This cracks me up.
  17. AndrewSoup

    It's A Secret To Everyone Prestigious

    damn, it's been a minute!! wasn't Travie gonna come out with a second solo album? i hope i get some new GCH tho
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  18. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    haven't heard of these guys in a long long time. wow.
  19. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Didn't they have some song where the lyrics were made up of a bunch of scene band names? Or am I thinking of someone else that put together that corny tune?
  20. Behind the Barricade

  21. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    Who? :eh:
  22. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Ew. When I heard that song, I knew GCH weren't the band for me.

    I remember liking their guitarist's solo stuff.
  23. Behind the Barricade

    I didn't think this song was that bad. Nothing was really shoehorned and it was a cool concept. My only issue is that this was an actual album single instead of a unique one-off.
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  24. kelseyleigh

    Trusted Supporter

    A few weeks ago I was on a kick listening to GCH. I would probably be interested in catching them again if they do a tour.
  25. mattylikesfilms


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