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Guitar Pedals / General Guitar + Amp Thread

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by RyanRyan, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. RyanRyan Jun 27, 2019
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    Seeing if this pans out - just a place for people to talk nerd about guitar pedals and their gear.

    Attached some photos of my boards as a starting point. EE71949D-A842-43A3-80EB-700EE49116F6.jpeg F4744B19-8A56-4DAF-85FB-46836085CEBB.jpeg
    Signal path: Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop V2 - Custom Fuzzrocious Cat Tail w/Feedback Mod - smallsound/bigsound fuck - Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water - Boss TU3 - Moog MF Chorus - Boss TR2 - Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte V2 - DBA Reverberation Machine - Chase Bliss Dark World - EHX 720 Looper - Old Blood Noise Endeavours Headphone Amp // Fender Blues Junior III.

    I was in a band with my friends for a while doing depressing ambient jams and dream pop, but I’m primarily a bedroom player who spends too much.

    Any questions, ask away. Share your boards!

    I’m currently really, really tempted to buy a Chase Bliss MOOD, but there’s a lot of their pedals I’m interested in. Also ya know - money.

    EDIT: Also pictured is my Korg Volca FM. In storage is a ZVEX Lo-Fi Junky, EHX Freeze and Boss RV6.

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  2. seimagery

    Here To There

    I can't afford much but I just want to say I love my Neunaber Wet Reverb.
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  3. russvanderhoof


    Thanks for starting this.~
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  4. RyanRyan


    Are Neunaber the brand that you can essentially change your pedal into any of their other ones and switch the function?
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  5. Fucking Dustin Jun 27, 2019
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    Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    My board is basic as hell right now, got into playing again about half a year ago

    Boss TU-3 -> EHX Triangle Big Muff (I use it for 1 song for a friend's band and nothing else so will prob remove at some point) -> Ibanez TS9 -> Digitech Whammy -> Line 6 DL4 - Fender Super Champ X2

    Got a Walrus reverb and a compressor pedal on the way though

    Guitars are a G&L ASAT Bluesboy and a Gretsch G2420T
  6. seimagery

    Here To There

    Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how that works but I know that is something they were heavily advertising a few years ago.
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  7. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    My board is really basic right now.
    Tuner > Freeze > Friedman BE-OD > Boss DD-20 > The Void reverb
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  8. RyanRyan


    You made me remember that I have a Freeze and Instant Lo-Fi Junky off my board rn. Love the Freeze but had no space for it annoyingly. Without daisychaining anyway, and I didn’t wanna do that because my power supplies are isolated.

    Anyway NICE. Friedman are wicked and DD20s aw yeah. Basic is never bad. I often wonder what my boards are capable of in the hands of someone who is actually capable.
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  9. jorbjorb

    7 rings

  10. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    Been loving my Red Panda Particle lately.

    Eyeing a Hologram Infinite Jets, but don't wanna drop that kind of cash.
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  11. russvanderhoof


    Anybody use a Boss DC-2W Waza Craft Dimension C? It's magic.~
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  12. Taketimeandfind


    I’m here for it. Is there a synthesizer thread? I don’t know much about pedals or synths but I’m interested
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  13. seimagery

    Here To There

    I’d really like to get an Analogman King of Tone overdrive but they are expensive and last time I checked there was a waiting list. What overdrives do you all like?
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  14. DarkHotline

    After My Jailbreak, I’ll Forget About You Prestigious

    I really want a Superego pedal, thanks Turnover
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  15. russvanderhoof


    I added a Minotaur fuzz and burn to my board last year. That thing is an absolute monster. So much power.~
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  16. RyanRyan


    I’ve always wanted to find the perfect Big Muff - I tried a nano once and really didn’t gel with it. I don’t feel like I’m a fuzz guy and my Cat Tail sorts that territory usually, but I still find myself wanting one.

    Love Walrus pedals! Which reverb? The Slo or the Descent? Or that other one I forget...

    Yeah those are crazy expensive...and a lot of board real estate. Didn’t Red Panda release a V2 of that Particle?

    I’m torn between that, the Waza Chorus (forget the initials for it) or the VB-2W. I’m a little concerned the Dimension C doesn’t have the functionality I’d like given it has no knobs, but it does sound bloody glorious.
    Talk synth here! That’s fine! I use my board for my Volca FM synth!
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  17. mescalineeyes

    triples of the nova Supporter

    I want to get a nice slicer but I’m not fully committed yet haha
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  18. Taketimeandfind


    I mainly wanna see others talk synth. Lol. Recently got a volca modular and a couple of pocket operators. Still working my brain around those. Other than that I have no knowledge on synths. But I love watching videos and seeing people use pedals on them
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  19. RyanRyan


    Love Earthquaker. That a Jazzmaster? Can’t quite tell cos of the angle. Been pining for one for ages. I had a gorgeous one but it just didn’t feel authentic as I wanted the proper pickups and not the hot ones that came supplied. Plus I tried to change the bridge and failed as I suck at everything, and a rollerbar failed to stop the buzz. I’ll get a proper one at some point with a mastery bridge. Maybe one of those Kurt ones.

    FYI - I’m a slut for matching headstocks.
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  20. RyanRyan


    Oh btw - post your guitars too guys and girls. Might say ‘pedals’ in the title but I’m a sucker for it all.

    Here are mine.

    Fender Special Edition 60s Classic Nitro Lacquer Stratocaster w/matching headstock, Fender American Standard Telecaster (2001/2) and USA 1981 Fender Bullet 1. Got the latter from my grandad. He was in a band that coincidentally supported The Beatles twice. He got me into guitar and gave me that as a practice instrument when I first asked him to teach me how to play.
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  21. RyanRyan


    Literally the only example of these I know are the big Boss ones. How does a slicer vary from a tremolo?
  22. mescalineeyes

    triples of the nova Supporter

    I ... don’t know. As I said it’s a work in progress.
  23. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    A Slo! I heard it and immediately fell in love, I'm excited to mess with it. And yeah fuzz is something I enjoy but it's so hard to get the fuzz tone I'd actually want and I think the chase may not be worth it
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  24. RyanRyan Jun 27, 2019
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    The waiting list is like two years haha. Honestly I liken those to Klons. Plenty of excellent drives out there, not personally sure why someone feels the need to wait years to get that specific one. Hearing one in person impressed me but not enough to wait two years and spend that much on a drive pedal when there’s limitless alternatives that are just as good (if not better - subjective).

    I’d recommend the smallsound/bigsound fuck, or it’s smaller variant the ‘mini’. Seriously so impressed with it. There’s a reason if you dare scour reddit’s guitar pedal page that it’s filled with minis and fucks. It’s still obviously ‘boutique’ and has a price tag, but it’s not as expensive and both are far more readily available. Failing that there’s an abundance and it’s all subjective paha.
  25. RyanRyan Jun 27, 2019
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    Haaa. Turnover made me drool over chorus pedals all over again. Aren’t you pretty much halfway to an Ego with a Freeze anyway?

    EDIT - sorry, wasn’t you with the Freeze. But yes, the Freeze is a feature on the Ego. Worth looking into for a cheaper alternative with less bells and whistles. It does a slow latch, fast latch or instant latch too. I think even momentary? All that applies to the release too.