Greener Grass (Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe, 2019) Movie

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    hey you lil piss baby

    Not sure how many people around here have even heard of this, but feels like there could be some interest. Weird, hilarious, and cynical satire of the suburban American nuclear family. The film's also got a dreamy, candy aesthetic not far off of Jacques Demy's musicals. On VOD and in select theatres now through IFC Midnight.

    I would recommend going in without seeing the trailer or reading the synopsis, but I've included them in case anyone needs persuasion.

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    hey you lil piss baby

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    So weird, I was planning on watching it this afternoon!
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    I love this movie
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    This is very strange
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    need to watch this
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    hey you lil piss baby

    Folks who liked this should peep Diamantino (I think its on the criterion channel rn)
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