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Green Day Perform on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Behind the Barricade

    Hoo hoo Revolution Radio, well that's what I did Robin hoo hoo.
  3. Fox83


    What's he saying, Robin?
  4. Tata Toothy


    My username finally fits.
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  5. Fox83


    I like that they added Say Goodbye (off their new album) into the bridge of Holiday during this performance. It was a nice little self-aware nod to the similarities between the songs.
  6. ManchesterOrch8

    Motel. Money. Murder. Madness.

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  7. circasurviver


    Hit 'em with the Heiiiinnne!
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  8. Former Planets


    I listen to Stern every day but this interview was PAINFUL. Every single question boiled down to this- Howard: "didn't you write ____ during a time when ____ was happening and it was about _______?" Billie: "No."
  9. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    I had been reading the band's Wikipedia page the day before out of boredom and it seemed like he literally got everything from there

    I loved the interview anyway though, the performances were fantastic and I love how big of a fan Howard obviously is
  10. ManchesterOrch8

    Motel. Money. Murder. Madness.

    Most of his musician interviews are like that. It's VERY painful. Especially when it's a band he didn't grow up loving. Metallica was the same thing.