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Green Day in the Studio?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    I have no expectations for this after the trilogy. I am just hoping they prove me wrong and release something solid.
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  3. Former Planets


    Still pumped, don't care if the trilogy was underwhelming.
  4. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I'm excited for what's next. I have no qualms about the trilogy for the most part. Not my favorite albums of theirs at all, but I still find plenty to enjoy there
  5. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Definitely thinking the same right now.
  6. tomtom94


    Hope it's good, but I'm keeping expectations in check after the trilogy.

    Wonder if they might consider a different producer this time? Would help them a lot, I think.
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  7. Steeeve Perry


    For the first time since the 90s they can enter into a record without massive expectations. Hopefully they turn that into a real positive.
  8. Dirty Sanchez

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    Rob Cavallo is pretty good, but from what it seemed like, he was only in the studio with them for a couple of days.
  9. Jonathan

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    Green Day was one of those very formative bands for me… was also one of the very first things I shared together with me dad (who took me to my first Green Day show… 1995, Insomniac Tour, I was 10). Warning was a record I wasn't thrilled with, then they redeemed themselves with American Idiot. 21st Century Breakdown felt like a direct-to-DVD sequel to American Idiot, and I didn't really give the trilogy a spin because it came off like less of an album and more of a thing to tide fans over.

    After watching the documentary Heart Like a Hand Grenade the other night, I revisited Dookie, Insomniac, and Nimrod back to back on a drive to my folks house. SO many feels. I realized they're one of those bands who make such good music that I'll indulge their other efforts (Warning, Uno/Dos/Tré) because I know they have talent up their sleeve. I've also heard through the grapevine that this record is going to be much better, so fingers crossed.
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  10. KimmyGibbler

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    I think Green Day needs go back to basics. Stop trying to make concept albums or trilogies. Just write 12 good songs, record, release, repeat.
  11. Jose

    weightless in the valley

    Trilogy was super underwhelming. I feel like there's one good album in the three combined, but that's just my opinion. I just want Green Day to put out a solid album, nothing to shatter expectations, nothing to create some new genre. Do what you're good at, experiment a little bit.
  12. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    The trilogy wasn't bad, but if condensed into one album it would have been a lot better. There's a lot I like on Uno and Tres.
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  13. KRKrummy

    Formerly SanePsychotic Prestigious

    I'm stoked. I'm more stoked about this than most anything else. My body is ready.

    Now to be more serious, the trilogy wasn't my cup of tea. There are some really good songs on all three albums, but I hate having to wade through so much crap in order to get to the good stuff. I used to have a playlist with just my favorite songs from those three albums, but so much of it was still forgettable that I don't think I could recreate it.
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  14. clockwise

    can’t be arsed Prestigious

    Love the trilogy, will love this.
  15. btr

    Trusted Supporter

    ¡Uno! and ¡Tré! were good. ¡Dos! was basically a second Foxboro Hottubs album. Could you imagine if they would have spread those exact three albums out over six years...
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  16. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    I view the trilogy set of albums as one mistep in an otherwise incredible discography, so I still have a lot of faith in them to put out something incredible. Ill hold off judgement until they release a single though, so I can get an idea of what sound their aiming for.
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  17. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    My all time favorite band that for me has taken very few missteps, trilogy included (for the most part). I will never not be embarrassingly excited for anything this band does
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  18. Neon Light

    rage and love Supporter

    Fuck it really seems like they're recording. They're at the point now where they can legitimately live off the money they have and continue to make from their back catalogue, and touring the hits every so often but they're obviously still excited about making music together. I'm really hoping it's good.

    Palm Dreams

    Will always look forward to new music from them as I know that they are capable of putting something very good together when they really want to and are inspired by something, don't feel like the songs on the trilogy was inspired by anything, just seemed like it was lets write a bunch of songs and release them all.
  20. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    I feel that is a very good thing for them although I'd say American Idiot did not have any massive expectations, especially after Warning (which in my opinion is a criminally underrated album) but it did not buy them any huge popularity. I think American Idiot caught everyone off guard and took the world by storm.
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  21. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    Sounds like you and I are the same age. I grew up off Kerplunk and Dookie, those were my two favorite Green Day albums as a kid. I didn't care for anything again from them until they released Warning, which to me, is their most underrated album. I'd definitely suggest you give Warning another shot.

    American Idiot is now my favorite album from them, 21st Century was a big letdown but I expected it to be as I thought American Idiot was extremely tough to follow-up, but there's still some pretty great tracks on 21st Century.

    In my honest opinion, I thought the trilogy was very, very forgettable. I can only think of a handful of songs from all three albums that I enjoy.

    P.S. Does anyone remember the insert in the Kerplunk artwork that was a letter from a woman to the band and she was explaining how she chopped up her family and put them in a garbage can?
  22. Michael Schmidt

    Don't recreate the scene, or reinvent the meanings Supporter

    Green Day has enough net value with me that I will always be interested in what they release. Haven't cared for any release in totality since American Idiot. As good as American Idiot was, I didn't find it to be as "holy shit" as a lot of people have, which kind of stinks. I am at the point where they have enough good music that I really don't care how good or bad the new material is, and that's really comforting.
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  23. Steeeve Perry


    Yeah I guess the expectations for AI were more because people thought they were breaking up, and then they were coming back with a political rock opera. By the time it dropped people were pretty excited. Also Warning and AI are their best two records.
  24. fran.182

    Euphoric Disconnection Prestigious

    Hopefully this time they don't push every single idea and release every single song that comes from it. The trilogy had some good tunes, but it was their worst era by far... It sounds like they only gave five minutes of work to each song and that showed in the final product.
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