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  1. ChaseTx

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    I agree that 1994 was pretty cool. I had a Super Nintendo AND a Sega Genesis
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  2. .K.

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    Two systems. You are the ‘94’s version of spoiled hahaha
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  3. Craig Manning

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  4. .K.

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    Yep. Wouldn’t have a song like King for a Day if then.

    These comments generate buzz. Good, bad, whatever. This band had the song “all by myself” or whatever it’s really called back on Dookie, which featured a cover of dogs throwing poop. When a band like that has an Instagram post about an album called “Father of All Motherfuckers”, I don’t know people are expecting from the statement. Now they need to try and back it up with a record fans like.

    It’s not for everyone though, and people have the right to not be into it.
  5. danielm123


    I'd rather not have used it, but between the title, album cover, and social media posts, I think that the word is pretty on point.
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  6. btr


    Anyone have a hi-res photo of the uncensored album cover?
  7. Fox83


    If the speculation proves to be true, and this effort really is just a giant middle finger to Warner, they need to let us in on the joke a bit more. Maybe they will in time.

    Additionally, and this is just a selfish desire, why not do something raw and unfiltered in the music itself? If you have an opportunity to say 'fuck it' with major label support, it would be cooler to burn the bridge while making music that doesn't feel produced with major label expectations. Go back to bitter punk roots or just get really weird. Low stakes, right? Just my wishful thinking though.
  8. Donnie Ruth

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    I’ve always had special feelings for the bottom left quarter of the American Idiot cover zoomed in.
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  9. slimfenix182


    Oh god I didn't even realize that. Between that and Green Day written in ketchup/cake icing, I think I officially fully hate this
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  10. Mort Michaels Sep 10, 2019
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    Mort Michaels

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    I think people wanna float that middle finger to the label theory cause they’re unsatisfied with the song. Every indication says this is a real, effortful rollout. You don’t go on a massive stadium tour with other big bands that the label will make a ton of money on to just give them the finger.

    Song sounds like Foxboro- so it is definitely in their wheelhouse.
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  11. .K.

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    Not really a fan of the song, but I will say I’m not a fan of Butch Walker as a producer from the albums I’ve heard by him.

    Artist vs label stories ‘can’ be cliche.
  12. 333 GANG


    Yeah, I don’t buy the label middle finger/phoning it in theory at all. Doesn’t make sense.
  13. Mort Michaels

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    While I don't believe that this is a "fuck you" to the label- there has to be something behind that Magnum Opus thing that has popped up.

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  14. Drew Beringer

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    The new Green Day song is so bad because the singer was awake during September and how can you expect a good song? He’s supposed to be sleeping!
  15. Drew Beringer

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    yeah because how else would you describe the last five albums?
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  16. Drew Beringer

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    do you think Green Day decided to just release terrible music because someone "stole" the songs to their follow up to Insomniac - like they are punishing us?
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  17. Craig Manning

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    There are a lot of ways to describe 21st Century Breakdown, many of them not flattering, but “phoned in” is definitely not one of them. They were trying real hard with that one. The trilogy, sure.
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  18. amorningofsleep

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    I mean, coming from someone who hasn't liked anything they've done since Warning, I'd believe this.
  19. Joe4th

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    Trilogy sucks but Rev Rad and 21st century are good but whatever
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  20. unbornwhiskey


    i love 21st century breakdown. sometimes more than american idiot lol
  21. Michael Qualiano


    ^ things that you should keep to yourself
  22. sawhney[rusted]2

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    rock music needs some REAL testicles and Green Day is the MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED CORPORATE cure
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  23. TEGCRocco


    21st Century Breakdown slander is not tolerated
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  24. Michael Qualiano


    At the time, 21st Century Breakdown of was one of the biggest disappointments in music for me. Looking back, was it as bad as I had initially But it has absolutely 0 lasting impact for me. It felt like a failed attempt to replicate American Idiot.
  25. Sal Paradise

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    No, but the person who posted this same comment on the VC forums probably does
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