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  1. clockwise

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  2. beachdude

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    Fire, Ready, Aim is up on Apple Music. I’m into it! Definitely similar style to Father Of All.
  3. beachdude

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  4. That’s another no from me.
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  5. Gallhammer

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    Sounds fine to me. Another fun, catchy rock song.
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  6. I guess it is a good American Hi-Fi b-side from about ten years ago, but ... that's about all I got.
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  7. irthesteve

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    Sounds very Butch-adjacent. This definitely feels like it'll be an album that works best all together rather than as singles. Pretty big left turn from the band, I can dig it
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  8. Mort Michaels

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    This is killing RevRad for me so far.
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  9. tomdelonge


    don't love it but i can dig it

    first listen i got a lil taste of Le Tigre TKO, and a Sonics/Standells/Count Five garage kinda thing.

    ....mostly sounds like more Foxboro Hot Tubs tho
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  10. Fox83


    This doesn't feel like it should be a single...
  11. Greg

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    Eh, not feeling the new stuff that match
  12. irthesteve

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    is it supposed to be like... a SINGLE single, like radio & video etc... or just a promo single
  13. Fox83


    Probably not the best choice of terms on my end. It doesn't feel like an effective track to hype up the album. Then again, it does sound like it would be in an iPhone commercial or something...
  14. irthesteve

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    After these two songs, I get the sense that none of the songs are going to have a typical... "single" feel and this is just gonna be a down and dirty album
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  15. danielm123


    Eh, this new style is starting to get old for me pretty quickly
  16. slimfenix182


    What the heck are the vocals on these first two songs
  17. 333 GANG


    I’ve decided I don’t like Green Day when Billie sounds absolutely nothing like Billie.
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  18. Joe4th

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    I’m into it. I’m cool with them trying something different this album
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  19. Donnie Ruth

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    This is making the trilogy seem like it wasn’t their low point.
  20. I’m kinda down with it. I like how they’re fucking around.
  21. Guitar is cool. That's about it. I've never been really into them incorporating the greaser/garage rock sound into the band. Mainly because so many other bands do it better.

    I dont mind them changing things up either. That's cool and all, but BJ is unrecognizable. That's insane to me because he's got one of the most recognizable and unique rock vocals of the last 2.5 decades.

    IDK if they're trolling or not, but if not....yikes.
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  22. irthesteve

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  23. [​IMG]
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  24. Gallhammer

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    Some of the weird right wing comments on that video are... like... what?!?! I WISH Green Day were communists and I'm also pretty sure the far left is not whining about a lack of diversity in that ad thing. Where do these people even come from? How are they so smooth-brained?
  25. drummerAVA


    Ugh, Green Day really fell off man....... pains me to say it.

    American Idiot was such a freaking masterpiece... and then, the decline.