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  1. sam_might_say

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    Weezer posted about it too. Strange
  2. Maddy


    There is a 0% chance this tour is selling out any dates. The fact is, unfortunately, many venues/bands/corportations have stakes in the second hand market and can make more money off tickets sold there. So, they may be encouraging fans to buy second hand tickets.

    At the same time, it's a marketing trick to say other dates are sold out so people will start buying tickets for other cities before they "sell out".
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    This is exactly what I thought.
  4. mattfreaksmeout

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    Wrigley's not "sold out" but it does look like pretty much all that's left is solo seats, or seats with obstructed views and things like that, which is why they're calling it sold out.
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  5. J12


    Fenway definitely isn't sold out. There aren't really any great seats left or anything, but it's not sold out. Weird.
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  6. Cmoney86


    they played dookie in full last night so i could see them doing that on this tour
  7. tyler2tall

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    No way. This is a “causal” fan tour. It’s gonna be a regular greatest hits set
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    Add MCR to the tour
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