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Green Day Call Out Donald Trump During “Holiday”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Green Day performed “Holiday” at the Starland Ballroom on September 28th with a little extra for Donald Trump:

    Have you guys been watching the news lately? What do you think of our candidates for the presidency of the United States of America? What do you think of New York’s finest, Mr. Donald Trump? … No racism in this fucking room, I’ll tell you that right now. There is no white supremacy in this fucking room right now! We are coming together tonight, to in New Jersey to call bullshit on all the fucking politicians tonight!

  2. Tata Toothy


    I'm okay with bands talking about politics, but it's annoying when they do it on stage. I'm going to a concert to enjoy music and to not think about this terrible election.
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  3. oakhurst

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    What's funny is that they could switch out Trump's name with Clinton and it would still fit. Sad times that these two are the candidates.
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  4. Fox83


    As much as I may not prefer politics in my music, I'll admit that Billie clearly puts out some good material when he's fired up. I was hoping the Trump nomination would light a fire under his ass when making Revolution Radio, but I guess not. Still a solid album and all.
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  5. jorbjorb

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    that's so punk
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  6. sawhney[rusted]2

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    yeah take em down billie!
  7. Behind the Barricade

    I had no idea this was even a story until NJ dot com picked it up. I thought he did this at every show.
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  8. KimmyGibbler

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  9. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    To be fair divorcing politics from Holiday would be impossible because it's an explicitly political song
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  10. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    Expressly political band should not talk poltics on the stage which is literally their platform to talk, discuss, and perform. ok
  11. Sander


    the fedora-clad keyboard player really kills the vibe
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  12. Behind the Barricade

    Hey, you shut your mouth! Jason Mraz was great on keyboards and sax!
  13. AMC


    To be fair, he called out all politicians. Not just trump
  14. carlosonthedrums

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    I keep waking up from this atrocious nightmare where that guy is somehow a stone's throw away from becoming the next president, and people who support him passionately advocate his sexist, xenophobic, bigoted commentary and refuse to let anything shake their resolve to elect this monster.

    Also, a frog keeps showing up on Twitter, and it's not my friend, Kermit.
  15. ChrisCantWrite

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    I mean, it's okay to find it annoying regardless of whether or not they have the right to do so.
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  16. KimmyGibbler

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    I don't think it's annoying, it's just funny. I am always slightly amused when a celebrity makes a unbelievably popular statement (at least among their fans) as though they were taking any sort of risk by expressing it.
  17. Turkeylegz


    I feel at this point if you listen to the lyrics it's pretty obvious what to expect. That's like me being mad to hear Skillet or Thousand Foot Krutch talk about God at their concert. Or Green Day or Rise Against talk about politics. It's such a key point at their music and especially that song. It seems like every live recording of it there is some political blurb.
  18. Jack Wilmott

    Self-described freestyle wizard poet.

    Personally I think people that can and feel passionate enough about it are more than welcome to use their shows as a platform.

    Across both sides of the pond we need more people engaged in politics as apathy got us here in the first place. Personally, I find that the negative reaction that bands often get to talking politics is often a symptom of that apathy.
  19. OpenIntro

    llama llama

    Such a lame response.
  20. bmir14

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    I'd be OK with this regardless of who the candidates are, but since it's Trump, I'm very OK with this.

    I'd be OK with priests stopping mass to speak out against trump. Or pilots taking longer routes to destinations so that they can speak out at length against trump over the loud speaker. Basically, since it's Trump, I'm OK with anyone using any platform, no matter how large or small, to do whatever they possibly can to help those who are still being misled understand how dangerous he would be as president.
  21. waymorethanbefore


    Yeah, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I can't stand nor do I trust Clinton, but man, if Donald Trump of all fucking people is elected president, we are in for some serious shit. If there was even one fan on the fence at that show, and Billie's statement convinced him or her not to hand our country over to this selfish, arrogant child and his army of Yahoo! commenters, it was 100% worth it.
  22. theredline

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    Gross, right? I just don't get it! Even my mom, who is pretty conservative republican refuses to vote for him. It's nuts!
  23. Jack Wilmott

    Self-described freestyle wizard poet.

    Yeah. The presidential elections are not good. But I'm sick of people on this side of the pond saying shit like "America is fucked. Look at this presidential election" when we have the unelected spawn of thatcher leading a party that is waging a war on the poor. Because her predecessors thought they could gain election points by allowing an electorate that hated them to vote on Brexit only to lose and simultaneously resign.

    Wow this went off topic.
  24. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can.

    I wasn't there but I'm willing to be that he also shouted "I SAID A AAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYOOOOOOHH C'MAW!" about 67 times.
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  25. tdlyon

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    He also changed "Pulverize the Eiffel Towers" to "Pulverize the Trump towers" which is kind of dope
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