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Greeley Estates – “Calling All the Hopeless”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. aniafc


    wow, that's a name i haven't heard in a while
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  3. ARo24


    Haha, I second that. Holy moly.
  4. The Mysterious

    Yes...but a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts

  5. ChrisCantWrite

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  6. Malatesta

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    lol hell yeah this music is so stuck in their era but they were one of the bands i always tolerated that from
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  7. disambigujason

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    I just listened to devil son for the first time the other day and loved it, so this coming out now is great timing. Not their best but I'm excited for more.
  8. carrytheweird

    Ryan has a distinct voice and always did well as a vocalist for this style of music. With that said, he's the only notable part of the band haha.
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  9. parkerxcore

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    EP released today. Always have been and will be a fan of Ryan's vocals and lyrics.
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  10. disambigujason

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    Calling all the hopeless, wide awake, and saints and sinners are easily the top 3. They're at their best when they stay away from the sludginess I think.
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  11. carrytheweird

    I will admit, I remember hearing a song off of one of those two ep's they released back to back with the similar artwork that had a heavy song I loved. It wasn't crazy memorable, but the main riff I loved.
  12. disambigujason

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    I didn't listen to the heavier of the two as closely as the other but Marionette off Devil Son is possibly a top 5-10 Greeley song for me. Go West Young Man loads most of the rest haha