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Grad School Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by nfdv2, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. nfdv2

    Trusted Prestigious

    the old site def had one of these.

    hello y'all! hope to join your ranks this coming fall. currently in the process of trying to turn that hope into reality and it is v stressful~
  2. Snoblin

    Goblin Person Prestigious

    Yooooo. Decided to take a victory lap and go back to school for an "accelerated" MBA program. It's v nice to have some different coursework than my engineering undergrad.

    Though working full time + full time school + other life shit can be pretty stressful.
  3. nfdv2

    Trusted Prestigious

    i'm in a (funded) postbac program right now

    applying to phds in math in december

    stress life
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  4. Snoblin

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  5. Dog with a Blog


    i feel like i'll never be in this thread
  6. nfdv2

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    Taking the subject GRE on Saturday