Governors Ball Reveals 2020 Lineup

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 16, 2020.

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  2. domotime2

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    Would love a full blown charly bliss/pup tour this summer
  3. Bayside 182

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    So far the few festival lineups I’ve seen for this summer are underwhelming. A couple good acts but overall seems eh.
  4. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Bonnaroo is pretty great, and this is pretty mid-tier heavy, but it applies to my tastes and sensibilities
  5. KyleK

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    Didn't Charly Bliss just finish a fall tour opening for them? Or was it just a short run?
  6. domotime2

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    Canada I think.
  7. Bayside 182

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    Exactly it seems like there are a lot of sort of popular acts but lacking the big name acts. I actually haven’t seen the bonnaroo lineup, gotta check it out
  8. heymattrick

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    Still hasn’t been a festival lineup that has made me fall backwards out of my chair yet, but this one has the most number of artists I’m interested in. Headliners not for me at all but quite a bit in the middle that I enjoy. Could potentially be some really strong daily lineups here.
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  9. MRose24


    pinegrove interesting
  10. somethingwitty


    Have you seen Tame live before? Their production is wild and they’re very tight.
  11. Philll


    It's a real bummer seeing Pinegrove on festival posters. Yuck.
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  12. Guys Named Todd

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    Clear the schedule and just let this be Carly's festival.
  13. BelieF


    Stacked, ew pinegrove and billed higher than pup LOL
  14. KyleK

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    Oops. That explains. My Canadianess is showing.
  15. j0hnnyrt

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    Portugal. The Man? Feel like they haven't been active in awhile.