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Governors Ball Music Festival Announce Lineup

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 4, 2017.

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  2. mattfreaksmeout

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    Pretty awesome lineup. Considering making the trip out East for this, but also probably going to go to Bonnaroo instead.
  3. Chuck!


    Doesn't do a whole lot for me
  4. Steve_JustAGuy


    Better than Coachella.
  5. Fucking Dustin

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    I want to know what a Zane Lowe set entails
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  6. aniafc


  7. ramres

    Next Show: Twenty One Pilots -- 8/23

    For my taste, last year was way better. Hopefully Firefly's lineup will be excellent.
  8. Michael Qualiano


  9. carlosonthedrums

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    Holy shit. Tool, Wu-Tang and Childish Gambino?
  10. mattylikesfilms Jan 4, 2017
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    Beware, I did from San Francisco last year and I regret it. The weather was trash and ruined/cancelled 70% of the festival for me. They were not prepared at all and they ran out of tents and ponchos so people were buried in mud and and getting escorted via ambulance. It was hellish. They gave me $70 back when it was all said and done. I don't even wanna do the math on a grand total of how much the entire trip cost me too.

    I do have some insane stories from the trip however and I got to watch Strokes right up front do an amazing set so it wasn't a total loss but I'll never go to that festival again. It does not have its shit together at all.
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  11. mattfreaksmeout

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    I'm assuming this is about Bonnaroo? Yea that's definitely the scary part about it, but I've also heard some really great things so it'll really come down to the lineup if it's worth the risk. Luckily I'm in driving distance so not having plane tickets means at worst I lose the money from the concert ticket and some gas money. Appreciate the heads up though. It'll really come down to the lineup anyway.
  12. mattylikesfilms


    I was talking about Gov Ball actually lol. Definitely sounds like an easier decision if you can drive to either though!
  13. SEANoftheDEAD


    Ah man, yeah I heard the weather ruined it last year. I guess they werent prepared for that at all. I went 3 years ago and it was amazing. Sun was shining the whole weekend though so there was no interuptions. Come out east again for Firefly!
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  14. mattylikesfilms


    Lucky man. I'll have to check out Firefly!
  15. mattfreaksmeout

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    Oh... Haha well that's actually even better cus I have a friend I can stay with in New York, so if the weather ruins things, at least I'll have a fun weekend in New York. Definitely will keep it in mind though. It's a newer festival isn't it? Probably taking some time to sort their shit out.
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  16. mattylikesfilms


    It's newer for sure. I think I just got the most pissed because the lack of prep despite knowing the weather that was rearing its head plus $70 when you miss like 9-12 MAIN ACTS you wanted to see. Like it's a fraction of the cost but lesson learned. I had to get an airbnb with a friend on top of the flight so you between driving and having a friends spot to crash at? Makes sense to go if you're stoked on the line up!
  17. cwhit

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    firefly is generally one of the worst and most generic festivals out there, sucks that it's the closest to me, hah
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  18. somethingwitty


    Stick with Bonnaroo this year, their lineup is shaping up to be pretty great, less electronic-focused than Coachella. Right now, the following acts have leaked/confirmed for Bonnaroo this year:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Weeknd
    Chance The Rapper
    The Shins
    The xx
    Milky Chance
    The Orwells
    The Avalanches
    Louis The Child
    Umphrey's McGee
    Dua Lipa
    Young The Giant
    Lewis Del Mar
    Sleigh Bells
    Rae Sremmurd
  19. Grato


    this started 6 hours ago. guess nobody cares w/ how weak the lineup is this year though