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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

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    So the new Google Earth is pretty stunning
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    I am looking forward with Android O. O would stand for Oreo right?:-p
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    Anyone going to try YouTube tv?
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    Boston Dynamics sold to SoftBank. Interesting.
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    Is there something I have to do to activate Google Photos? Currently it's not available for me.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.22.23 AM.png
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    Hmm, I mean I set it up on my phone, but I don't remember having to do anything special other than log into my Gmail account. Maybe it was just down? My Google Photos is working for me rn
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    This is a shared account with my wife. We just want to upload photos we've taken to one place. This was on the desktop btw.
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    Florida and Google are going to work together to keep Maps quickly updated with the latest road closures for people trying to evacuate from Irma:

    Florida Gov: Use Google Maps for real-time road closure updates

    I'm pretty much all in on the Apple ecosystem these days - with the exception of Google Maps and Google Photos. Two products I could just never give up.
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    That's awesome and very smart, I'm really happy they're doing that.

    Yeah, my girlfriend and her brother are 100% all-Apple, but I got them using Google Photos to back up their stuff and they absolutely love it. I couldn't imagine living without Google Maps either- my girlfriend uses Waze which is handy for spotting cops, but I just think the UI is ugly.
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    Conditioner is better.

    holy shit, just started using google photos.
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    Outside some of the privacy concerns it really is the best photo solution out there. For our wedding, my wife and I got everyone - android and apple users - into one shared album and we all instantly had access to hundreds of photos. And the new family sharing thing is great - no more asking my wife to air drop the latest photos of our dog she took, I can just go right in and add them myself.

    And the Free Up Space function is literally a money saver.
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    Pixel 2 XL design has leaked, looks really nice!

    Google Pixel 2 XL shown in black and white, pricing rumored at $849

    And apparently google is releasing a Google Home Mini to take on the Echo Dot. Smart strategy. I know today is iOS update day - but have to hand it to Google and Amazon - amazon releases a better Fire HD10 for LESS and Google leaks their affordable smart assistant.
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    actually my pianos have always been teeth

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    I just got a Google Home mini. Other than pairing it with my nest, what cool stuff can anyone recommend I try with it? I don't have a ton of smart tech in my house (really just the nest, come to think of it.)
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    I like to just ask it for the weather, or to play music. In the morning, I ask it to tell me the news and it gives you the quick NPR 10 or 15 minute news cycle.

    I plan on buying a TV and soundbar with google cast so I can use it with those (you can use it with chromecast). You can also get the light adapters and tell it to turn on and off your lights.

    Here are the compatible apps and devices: Google Home Apps & Partners - Google Store
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    Cool! Thanks! I may move it into the bathroom then. My wife sleeps in while I get ready for work and I usually listen to podcasts in the shower.
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    This is a good run down from the Google IO yesterday. Its pretty clear how far ahead Google is in AI than literally everyone else. The stuff they're developing is getting to the point of scary, but also kinda awesome. You can find the full keynote on Youtube, but its over 3 hours.

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