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Google Licenses LyricFind for Search Results

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 28, 2016.

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    Alex Pham, writing for Billboard, on how Google has licensed lyrics from LyricFind to add into their search results.

    Google has signed a multi-year licensing deal with Toronto-based LyricFind to display song lyrics in its search results, both companies announced today. A query for the lyrics to a specific song will pull up the words to much of that song, freeing users from having to click through to another website. Google rolled out the lyrics feature in the U.S. today (June 27), though it has licenses to display the lyrics internationally as well.

  2. gregory

    bad day for azlyrics
  3. skogsraet

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    Does this mean Google's clunky Play Music lyrics are going away for good?? I liked seeing lyrics instantly at the search of a song but having to go into Play Music to see the rest of the lyrics was annoying.

    Edit: I'm still seeing "full lyrics on Google play" so I guess I'll have to wait
  4. testtime


    Man, I've always gotten my lyrics from AZ. Even when there were a plethora of sites doing lyrics, AZ had the cleanest site. Now they've gotten even better. But it's not vetted and verified lyrics like lyricfind so I see why Google went with it. But I wonder who lyricfind was licensing lyrics to before hand. How were they even profitable?
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  5. ChaseTx

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    Now I'm not telling anybody to use Bing

    But Bing already does that