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Google Chrome Will Automatically Block Annoying Ads

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 2, 2017.

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    George Slefo, writing for Ad Age:

    Google’s Chrome browser will soon come with preinstalled technology that will block the most annoying ads currently marring the web experience, the company confirmed on Thursday.

    Publishers will be able to understand how they will be affected through a tool Google is dubbing “The Ad Experience Report.” It will basically score a publisher’s site and inform them which of their ads are “annoying experiences.”

    At the same time, Chrome will give publishers the option to force a choice on people running their own ad blocking software: whitelist the site so its non-annoying ads can display or pay a small fee to access the content ad-free.

    I’m assuming Google’s annoyingly shitty ads will display just fine? I think I’m fine with the move to build this into the browser, but I think Google’s own ads, specifically their tracking capabilities, are just as big a problem as the ones that dance all over my screen on Alternative Press’ homepage.

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    I'm hoping this will block those ads that install malware, and adware. That's one of the reasons why I use adblock is because every computer I've managed to get them infected some form of virus. This computer with adblock with trend micro has been running fine since 2011 (although, its age is showing, I need a new computer cause this one is slow)
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    So altpress is fucked then
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    ALP press smacks my comp