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Good Riddance Announces New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 16, 2019.

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    Good Riddance will release their new album, Thoughts and Prayers, on July 19th. Today they’ve released their new song “Don’t Have Time” and pre-orders are now up.


    Track Listing

    1. Edmund Pettus Bridge
    2. Rapture
    3. Don’t Have Time
    4. Our Great Divide
    5. Wish You Well
    6. Precariat
    7. No King but Caesar
    8. Who We Are
    9. No Safe Place
    10. Pox Americana
    11. Lo Que Sucede
    12. Requisite Catastrophes

  2. 333 GANG


    Like it.
  3. CampfireColorado


    What a way to celebrate lagwagon day! Song rips.
  4. Raku


    Awesome, can't wait to check this out! =D
  5. Freezon


    One of the best and most consistent punk bands over the years
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  6. bradsonemanband

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    Produced by Bill Stevenson too!
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