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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Eric Wilson, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Eric Wilson

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    Good Charlotte are an American rock band from Waldorf, Maryland that formed in 1996. Since 1998, the band's constant members have been lead vocalist Joel Madden, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Benji Madden, bassist Paul Thomas, lead guitarist and keyboardist Billy Martin and drummer Dean Butterworth, who has been a member of the band since 2005. - Wikipedia
  2. Eric Wilson

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    Physical pre-orders for Youth Authority are now live.
  3. FTank

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    I'll probably jam the new album a fair amount, if the singles are any indication.
  4. Eric Wilson

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    Likewise. Very much looking forward to the new album.
  5. Brandon Allin

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    I like this one a lot.
  6. bradsonemanband

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    the chorus is way too similar to Bon Jovi
  7. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    I'm gonna have to do a live blog of this album. It might be the beer, but I actually think this is the first GC album I've liked in a very, very long time on first listen. Some of it's not great, but, it's ... it's kinda good.
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  8. FTank

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    I'm really surprised.

    First one since Young and the Hopeless?
  9. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

  10. FTank

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    I liked about half the songs on Cardiology, but the two albums before it stunk.
  11. Brandon Allin

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    I haven't been into this band's records since The Young and the Hopeless, so that's good news for me.
  12. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Ok, yeah, this is definitely the best album they've done since Y&H. Fuck it, I'll say it. This is a damn good pop album. Is it making my EOTY list? No idea, but like, these are really solid pop-rock songs. It's on par with that last All Time Low album, better than the last few NFG albums, and I like it more than all the current pop-punk bands. Haha, it's catchy, fun, kinda ridiculous, but all about the choruses. Fuck it, I like it.
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  13. FTank

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    Hmmm... I know I'm a bigger fan of ATL than you are but this may be too much hype for me to handle.
  14. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Like, it almost could be the follow-up to their last album. "Stray Dogs" has a chorus that I could hear Alex singing. I mean, it's totally produced as hell, it's pop, it's everything people that hate Feldmann are going to point to, but I like it ... if that makes sense. Like fuck it, it's good pop music.
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  15. FTank

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    Well, confirmed, I'm gonna love this.

    "First listen" in the supporter forum??
  16. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    I think so!
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  17. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

  18. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    All the tracks I've heard so far have been really bad from the new one. The last one was awful as well, real shame because I actually was a fan of all the others up until the last one.
  19. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    Makeshift Love was ok, 40 oz. Dream was meh, but Life Changes sounds pretty cool!
  20. clockwise

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    Haven't listened to any of the new songs, but I liked Cardiology, loved Good Morning Revival and dug a good bit of The Madden Brothers album. Hopefully I'll dig this.
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  21. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    Same for me, Cardiology has a bunch of great songs, and I listen A LOT to Good Morning Revival while in high school.
  22. Paul Beaumont Prestigious

    Good Morning Revival was a great album at the time. I still enjoy a few tracks from it whenever they happen to come on.
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  23. ZooZooChaCha


    Like everything I have heard from this so far. Just really good pop-punk.

    Man who'd have guessed a few years ago we'd have new Blink 182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and Sum 41 all in the same year.
  24. Brandon Allin

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    Looks like there are going to be different versions of this with different bonus tracks. I saw a listing earlier for one from HMV with 2 different bonus tracks than the regular one.
  25. jordanjohnson09


    looks like it found its way on the internets