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Good Charlotte Announce New Album; Stream new Song

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2018.

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    Good Charlotte will release their new album, Generation Rx, on September 14th. Today they’ve released the new song “Actual Pain.”

    Generation Rx represents both a new chapter and full circle moment for the group-brothers Joel [vocals] and Benji Madden [guitar, vocals], Billy Martin [guitar], Paul Thomas [bass], and Dean Butterworth [drums]. Powered by punk spirit, rock songcraft, and cinematic ambition, they retain the signature vitality and vulnerability of their formative years, while delivering an urgent, unafraid, and undeniable message befitting of two decades in the game.
    The quintet craft intricate, yet infectious anthems of hope for a generation under the shadow of the Opioid epidemic, icons gone too soon, mass tragedy, loneliness, and confusion. Produced by Zakk Cervini and Benji during intimate sessions at MDDN headquarters, the record finds GOOD CHARLOTTE doing what they do best-speaking directly to the youth.

    “At the beginning of the year, we were reflecting a lot,” said Joel and Benji. “We just played a memorial service in honor of Lil Peep. We were thinking of that. Our generation was the first to have so many ways to deal with pain. Throughout this century, we’ve seen the whole opioid crisis get worse. We wondered if we were really doing our part. We wanted to bet back out there on the battlefield and spread insight, share experience, and give anything we could to improve lives. The message is you can get through the pain, survive it, and have the life you want. We made the record on our own terms and our own time. In that respect, we channeled the soul of our first two albums. This is the album we’ve been waiting 15 years to create.”

    Lead single “Actual Pain” makes good on that promise. Sweeping strings underscore a wall of distortion as a hypnotic hook cuts deep. Raw and relatable, it’s the perfect introduction to Generation Rx.

  2. thegreatbenbino

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    I'm enjoying this one. Kind of blends a lot of different sounds this band has gone through together.
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  3. So it goes


    Pretty horrible.
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  4. pbueddi


    I appreciate the explanation behind your opinion.
  5. TDenverFan


    Its ok. Im not sure his voice is well suited for this style of song
  6. Raku


    I'm not a fan of this sound.

    I wish they could have gone for something with a bit more punk in it. I won't let this one song deter me though, hopefully the rest of the album will be better.
  7. withchappedlips


    It sounds like Linkin Park to me musically. Probably a hot take, but that’s what it reminded me of.
  8. TL;DR: im at home sick for the 4th day straight so proceed with caution:

    I’m here for (potential but maybe not so likely) drama. So Zakk worked with feldy on youth authority and blink’s CA, among others, and now produced this. Feldy said on a podcast recently that he feels slighted or hurt, something along those lines, when bands don’t return to him on follow up records and not only did GC not return to feldy, they went to Zakk. So I go to Zakk’s Instagram and feldy doesn’t follow him anymore (maybe never did?) On zakk’s post with feldy about keeper profiles in oct of 2017, feldy is tagged and didn’t give a like. I mean, drama, RIGHT?!?

    Please don’t hate me. I needed an outlet to folks that would at least understand some of these references.
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  9. SpinelessYesBloke

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    Yeah, and Feldy mentioned on a podcast having a fall out with two people he was friends with in the business - and doesn’t follow the Maddens anymore. They’re all at Slam Dunk together this weekend
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  10. AlwaysEvolving21

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    I've always kinda felt that Feldy crosses a professional line with bands by becoming more than a producer. He becomes close friends with bands. I can see how anyone in his shoes would be "hurt" by someone not doing a follow up album, but thats what can happen when you mix business and personal relationships. I'm guilty of it myself and its an awkward as shit feeling lol.
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  11. pbueddi


    did not know this. interesting.
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  12. pbueddi May 26, 2018
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    who is zakk? haven't heard of him before. also it's not like they have used feldmann for every record anyway. why would he be upset?
  13. Jackbo487


    this is definitely the case with 311 now that he's worked with them on (at least one) album -- lots of Instagram stuff together, out of the studio, adding them to his festival, etc...definitely a trend I've noticed
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  14. CampfireColorado


    Love it!
  15. Yes i should also mention that i heard the GC song this morning and it’s a solid track. Stuff I don’t love but lots I like.
  16. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Fingers crossed that Mark unfollows Feldmann, thus setting off a chain reaction. Hehe
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  17. Feldy is starting to remind me of a guy that was TOO eager to hang out in high school. You’re fine dude. Just chill.
  18. AlwaysEvolving21

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    Yup definetly noticed that. I know Nick Hexum is Feldy’s neighbor. Travis Barker lives in the neighborhood too. Probably has a lot to do with it.
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  19. AlwaysEvolving21 May 26, 2018
    (Last edited: May 26, 2018)

    Trusted Supporter

    Regarding this song...the first time I listened I was like wtf?! Bc I really liked their last album. But then I listened again and actually liked it haha.
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  20. Eva89

    Trusted Prestigious

    Which podcast was this?
  21. i thought it was mike hererra’s
    Podcast but looks like he hasn’t been on since 2013 and that timing seems off unless I listened to it way late. I feel like I just heard it. I’ll have to look into it
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  23. silentc


    If your talking about Mark Hoppus then I doubt it since they already started recording a new blink album with Feldmann
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  24. Dirty Sanchez

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    Yeah, I know haha. Just a joke.
  25. josh182


    Seems like the direction they took with The Chronicles of Life and Death after The Young and the Hopeless but in 2018. Not a great song but not a horrible song either.