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Good Charlotte – “Life Changes”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 12, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

  2. chickenlover

    Said I'm okay, but I know how to lie.

    3/3 so far for me. Never been a huge fan of these guys, but I love the new tracks.
  3. SpinelessYesBloke

    Co-host of The Wasting Time Podcast

    Love it, even if the melody on the chorus reminds me of a Bon Jovi melody
  4. DearCory


    Sounds like a song 5SOS passed on... I dig it
  5. alexjlow


    I like it. Definitely an improvement on the last song released.
  6. BleedingDodgerBlue


    Really have enjoyed all the tracks released so far.
  7. Way better than I was expecting.
  8. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    I think this is my favorite one of the three released so far.
  9. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Was looking at the track listing, and curious if there is any correlation between "Moving On" and "Movin' On" from The Young and the Hopeless.
  10. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    I'm actually enjoyin' this.
  11. CMilliken


    This one is pretty good.
  12. SmithBerryCrunch

    Trusted Prestigious

    This is pretty catchy.
  13. Like I this a lot more than the last one, definitely more on par with the first one. Really was expecting them to cut the chorus time in half again on the very last round with the "woah-oh's", that would've been pretty cool.
  14. pbueddi


    man, listening to this song really brought a smile to my face. i know people hate on them a lot, but this is the band that first got me into music when i was in 7th grade. To have my favorite band back together making music like this is great. Can't wait for the album!
  15. brandon

    Regular Prestigious

    Like most, I think this song is much better than the second one they put out. Hoping this album is more Life Changes and less 40 Oz. Dream
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  16. Brandon Allin

    Finest Quality Crappy Punk Rock Since '92 Prestigious

    I like this a lot. The chorus is definitely reminiscent of Bon Jovi, but whatever. Song is a lot of fun, should make for a great summer record, and that's all I want from bands like these.
  17. spencpants

    Can I pet your dog? Prestigious

    This is way better than the last song they put out.
  18. Ska Senanake


    It's the same song, they just improved on their grammar.
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  19. CheapPop


    Digging this track way more than the last one they released. Pretty catchy.
  20. simplejack

    I wish I could say something but silence is fine.

    "It's My Life" by Jon Bovi.

    all these new songs written by 30/40-something pop-punkers are pretty tight.
  21. I was expecting this to be generic as hell but it wasn't half bad. Easy listening for sure.
  22. Jackbo487


    To copy everyone else in this thread, I like this one and Makeshift Love. Not so much the other one...intrigued about the record now.
  23. Raku


    I really shouldn't like this song, but for some reason I do...

    I still prefer 40 oz dream though.
  24. pbueddi


    40 oz dream is a good change-up, but makeshift love and this new song are the kind of songs i love from GC.
  25. Juuzzy


    Dammit, I can't stop hearing it now haha.

    Solid song though! Felt like more of a throwback than 40 oz dream. I like