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Goldfinger Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 20, 2020.

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    Goldfinger will release their new album, Never Look Back, on December 4th. Pre-orders are now up.


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  2. popdisaster00

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  3. tomtom94


    This should be fun
  4. Sweet. Loving the close release date.
  5. jeff.dart


    Last album was their best, so I’m pumped for this one!
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  6. theredline

    Regular Supporter

    I liked it but “best?” I’m not sure about that. It’s hard to compare to those early albums. And I’m not one of those “early only” guys. Norma Jean, August Burns Red, MxPx and so many other have put out amazing records later in their careers. But I have high hopes for this one. The single is great and hope it’s all like that!
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  7. Definitely my favorite of theirs.
  8. jeff.dart


    It’s all subjective, but I was one of the early guys and I like the knife the most. Maybe this new one will top them all, the single was good, I agree.
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  9. Allthegiganticthings


    Interesting that in the previous Goldfinger post on this site, about a month ago, the working title of the album was ‘Don’t Look Back.’ New ones better haha!

    Haven’t listened to much of this band aside from the Tony Hawk n64 song and the mxpx connection, but def want to check this out.
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  10. fredwordsmith

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    For the love of god, produce it like you produced the quarantine streams. That was the best the band has sounded in over a decade. It was flawless.

    Just put THAT GODDAMN SOUND on a record. Please.
  11. slimfenix182


    Stomping Ground will probably always be my fave. Last one was really good though and a nice bounce back from the forgettableness of Hello Destiny and Disconnection Notice
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  12. DooDooBird


    Forgiveness! Forgiveness! Let it fucking gooo why don’t you?! Forgiveness! Forgiveness!
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