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    This film would have benefited from having less humans.
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    Alright so some thoughts

    -So yeah the human plot was definitely kind of a mess, and they definitely kind of expected you to have some background knowledge on some Godzilla lore. But I agree with all the takes about Eleven and her parents and how they definitely shouldn't have been focused on so much.

    -So even though the plot in general was messy, I still do want to know the answers to some questions. Like the underground city thing...I don't quite get it. I mean I do, but also I don't. Where did the vortex take them, exactly? Is it still within the planet crust? I'm guessing that was supposed to be mantle that we saw flowing just below everything.

    -Godzilla goes back there to recharge and rest and get healed up...but now what does he do? They used the nuke to recharge him but, they also blew up his home in the process! Poor G. I assume this will just not be addressed in the future but still.

    -Loved the 'personality' of Ghidorah's heads, especially the one on the right. I got home and internetted and of course saw that the right head had been memed to death already lol.

    -Speaking of, it was cool to see Godzilla kicking his ass all by himself in the water. I guess he obviously had the advantage in the water considering Ghidorah doesn't seem like he's much for the water. But G was wrecking him, loved seeing them show Godzilla be able to beat this thing by himself

    -I'm so sad about Mothra! I wish they spent more time on her and less time on the main family. Of all the lore they did, this one felt the most rushed. I haven't watched or read about the monster universe in years and years so I kind of forget the whole story between her and Godzilla...I just wish we spent more time getting to know her, other than just using her as a beacon to find Godzilla. The whole her dying and her energy going into Godzilla has definitely been done in a past movie, right? It seems/feels really familiar.

    -Speaking of, I wish they explained THAT more. Having Whitford announce that Godzilla is supersonic and was gonna blow in 10 minutes kind of makes me wonder how much of a part Mothra's life force actually played in getting fire godzilla. It didn't help that she gave her life force to him and he was still laying on the ground getting wrecked by Ghidora, which made it seem like her life force didn't do anything to help him. So between all that us not getting to know Mothra as much and them kind of stealing the thunder from the meaning of her sacrifice, it kind of played that whole aspect down unfortunately.

    -ALL THAT BEING SAID...I was so happy when she showed up on top of Godzilla and tried to defend him. Immediately sad when I saw she was hurdling towards certain death. Is it me or doesn't she have a noise attack that she didn't use?

    -Her fight with Rodan was great. Speaking of, Rodan is a punk bitch. Kinda wish Godzilla gave him a good nuke blast at the end there just as a little "fuck you for getting your ass beat and then picking the wrong side" haha

    -To finish up all this Mothra discussion....something I read last night said that when Godzilla went supernova, one of the blasts he let go was 'shaped' like Mothra or something and apparently had Mothra's sound when it happened. I definitely missed that.

    -I am pretty sad that Ken Watanabe's character is head. I liked having him around as sort of the 'protector'. Same with Sally Hawkins' character. Her death seemed kind of unceremonious actually lol. But that moment with him touching Godzilla and basically thanking him was a great moment.

    -Honestly I could have done without all the EXTRA monsters. I would have been fine with just the 4 we got, letting the extras be discovered at a later date or something. Idk. In a movie of ridiculous over the top things happening, for some reason that I can't explain, having an extra 17 or whatever monsters running around the world seemed like a little TOO much haha.

    -I really, really hope that post credits is setting us up for a Godzilla Vs. Kong where they have to actually team up. I Really, REALLY do not want to have a "winner" between those two or have to cheer for one of them.

    -There's probably more but I'm strugging to remember now. The movie is definitely not a "good" movie by story telling standards but it's a lot of fucking fun and I felt so happy seeing it. So many of my childhood wishes for an awesome Godzilla movie came true. Obviously those man-in-lizard-suit stomping on miniature models have a certain thing to them to love, but as I got older I always wanted a big budget Godzilla thing and this...well, like I said, I remember just being very happy while watching last night haha
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    Round 2 tonight
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    This movie still fucks.
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    Love Godzilla. Enjoyed Godzilla 2014. This was a mess. Some fun to be had in the monster fights, but for a movie that banks so much on said monster fights being great, they were often incoherent with the shakes and cuts and environments. There were some gorgeous wide shots that were very exciting, and the monsters looked and sounded great, but idk man. Hard to convince myself a monster movie was awesome just because some monsters I like existed in the movie. Pretty disappointing.

    And the human stuff was impressively lazy. None of the performers wanted to be there and the script gave them no reasons to. Just because human story takes a backseat in these movies doesn’t mean it gets to be this bad. It is not hard to either try and make the human element even slightly compelling or to just cut its screen time in half.
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    Also I wonder who Farmiga had cut together that sizzle reel of climate change and war and poverty so she could intermittently pepper it into her Skype call while detailing her plan. Very effective
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    The monster fights were pretty amazing looking and fun to watch. Some very astoundingly bad performances from actors who are usually quite good in other things. Seems like a deliberate creative choice, but I have no idea why that choice would be made... Kyle Chandler's character was particularly grating and I usually like him. His character just constantly and angrily interrupts the other far-more-qualified and actually-there-by-story-logic characters and shouts things at them and they keep inexplicably doing what he says. His character is honestly borderline parody. He would have been a much funnier and better character if he could have sworn like Mark Wahlberg's character in The Departed and just been like "Because fuck you, that's why." The story is very, very, very stupid. I don't buy the excuse that people don't come to Godzilla movies for a good story and good acting / human characters. If you are going to bother doing something you do your best and try to make it great.

    There is certainly a lot more monster action in this movie than Godzilla '14, but there is also A LOT more badly handled other human bullshit gumming up the works and distracting from what is good about this movie. This movie is probably a little more fun but G '14 is definitely the better movie. As justin. said earlier in this thread, this movie needed a lot less people.

    I think Kong: Skull Island is my favorite of these monster verse movies so far and the one that most successfully accomplishes what it sets out to do.
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    Nooo, my fav. :(
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    I finally saw this last night with my daughter. As much as the action sequences were incredible to watch on the big screen, the overall plot was terrible. The Charles Dance character just enters the film like we’re supposed to know who he is or what is going on...and then Vera Farmiga suddenly turns bad with him because the titans deserve to reign with civilization?
    Give me a break, movie plot.

    Other than that, I loved Bradley Whitford’s character the most. Every scene with Mothra was probably the best scene in the film.
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    Man I was dead set on Charles Dance being an older Tom Hiddleston lol
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    I hadn’t seen Godzilla 2014 since it came out, and watching this last night I would’ve bet anything that Chandler and Farmiga were in the last movie considering how much this one expected you to give a shit about them right away for some reason
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    I was right there with you. Thought it made complete sense.
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    It’s almost like they expected us have feelings for these characters based on previews and TV spots alone haha.
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    Lol pretty much.
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    I feel like using a Marvel movie for that meme is slightly ironic considering I had more fun watching this than most Marvel movies, but hey
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    Hey I agree with the idea of the meme...I had so much fucking fun because “big monster” lol. I think the critics suck here.

    I do think the movie where that meme is from is the most fun marvel movie though haha
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    Lotta good memes on r/godzilla.
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    idk i feel like it did exactly what it wanted to do: make an authentic big budget large scale godzilla movie with modern effects translating all of the good (and the bad) parts of the original movies onto the big screen. It's maybe just kind of,,,,,,, hard to turn movies that were dudes in lizard suits stomping on cardbox cities into high art ?
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    I mean is it that hard to have a human story line that is good and that people give a fuck about?
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    im not familiar enough with the old original ones to know if that was a priority to them ?