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Global Citizen Festival @ Central Park -- 9/23 Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by fowruok, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. fowruok Aug 1, 2017
    (Last edited: Aug 1, 2017)

    Trusted Supporter

    Stevie Wonder
    Green Day
    The Killers
    The Lumineers
    The Chainsmokers
    Pharrell Williams
    Big Sean
    Andra Day
    Alessia Cara

    It's always been pretty easy to get free tickets, and obviously, it's a good cause. This year, it's only through actions on GC's app. Also, VIP ones are available on Ticketmaster.
  2. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    I enjoyed the one they had in Montreal last year, would have been all over Green Day and The Killers if they were doing it here again.
  3. Phil507

    Resident NYC snob Supporter

    A few things to think about before going to this. If you have the $, I recommend buying the Premium VIP ($199 +). It puts you in the 2nd pen which gives you a DECENT (not great) view of the stage. Think of it as if you're at the back of an arena floor and that's where you are in position to the stage. Additionally, it's a LONG day of lectures/preaching which, while all for noble causes, can be a bit exhausting if you're on your feet for 7 hours waiting for the musical sets. Each act tends to play 30 min-1 hour. I imagine Green Day and The Killers will get around 45 min each. Green Day is on tour this summer (though, frustratingly, skipping NYC likely for this) while The Killers are playing in the city in January.

    If you're going about it the free way, just note that they have certain pens so if you want the first one (right in front of the stage), you need to be there CRAZY early (like the night before). Even if you're in that one, you're still kind of hard right from the stage and if you have to deal with annoying fucking people spreading out their blankets and taking up what could be good standing space.

    I've gone in 2012 and 2015 in the VIP section (not the Ultra one that is a $1,000 + because, well, fuck that) and while enjoyable, definitely not essential.
  4. Behind the Barricade

    I went to the one with Neil Young and Foo Fighters. I actually got on the railing for the free tickets while just showing up an hour before doors. Just to reiterate what @Phil507 said, it's a long freaking day! The lectures are unbearable after the first 2-3. It's the same shit over and over. It is cool that they're trying to raise awareness but a person can only hear the same speech and watch the same video over and over. What's also cool is that they have surprise guests throughout the day. I think John Legend was a surprise guest at my show. I will be taking Phil's advice and going for the 199 ticket. It's a great lineup and a great cause too!
  5. Phil507

    Resident NYC snob Supporter

    Ah I was at that one. Foo Fighters, Black Keys and Band Of Horses (left before Neil Young). What's frustrating is that the event runs roughly 4-10 so there is MORE than enough time to have people play regular length sets (at least an hour and perhaps an hour and a half for headliners). They could use the 20 min in between sets to streamline what they're talking about so it makes an impact and doesn't end up irritating the people waiting around.
  6. manoverboard365


    I went to this in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. If you're thinking about going, I STRONGLY recommend that you just buy the $120 VIP tickets. GA is hell. If you want a someone decent spot you need to get there 4 hours before the show starts....and even then you'll be waiting on line for over 2 hours just to get in. There's also always insane lines for the port-a-potties, and no booze is served. If I was going to this I would absolutely just drop the money and not have to worry about the stress.
  7. Behind the Barricade

    I 100% agree! It should be more of a music fest vibe than a bunch of speeches with musical guests sprinkled in. What they should do this year is have that rotating stage where one artist performs and the other is behind it setting up. This seems to have more acts than previous years so they'll need to do something to cram in an hour of Stevie Wonder, 45 minutes of Green Day and The Killers and 25-30 for everyone else. Hopefully this means less speeches. I don't need random celebrities to keep harping on the fact that malaria is bad.
  8. fowruok

    Trusted Supporter

    I'd imagine that the last four acts I listed will not be getting more than a song or two, fwiw.

    I went the Neil Young/Foo Fighters year in GA, and it wasn't too bad. I think we got there late, but I know we left before Neil Young.
  9. manoverboard365


    The best years I went were definitely 2014 (Jay Z & No Doubt) and 2015 (Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Coldplay & Ed Sheeran).

    Usually those "special appearances by" acts get between 1-3 songs. And it's weird cuz they perform on a side stage that's like impossible to see.
  10. Phil507

    Resident NYC snob Supporter

    The Ticketmaster event page says 2pm. Not sure if that's 2pm doors or 2pm start time.
  11. Behind the Barricade

    2pm doors. 4pm start time and ends around 10pm according to the Global Citizen website.
  12. Phil507

    Resident NYC snob Supporter

    Ah, well then yes, y'all are getting short ass sets and a LOT of lecturing and shaming for being so privileged and not being aware of every problem in every country.
  13. Behind the Barricade

    Yeah I can see Pharrell, Big Sean, Andra Day and Alessia Cara getting 3 songs, Chainsmokers and Lumineers getting about 6 or 7, Green Day/Killers getting around 12 and Stevie getting a headlining set.
  14. manoverboard365


    I went when Stevie Wonder headlined in 2013 and even though it was a 10pm curfew I'm pretty sure he didn't give a fuck and played till 10:30.